Lesson Cancellation Policy


Having a cancellation policy helps to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. I’ve kept it simple to benefit both parties. You must agree to this cancellation policy before booking a lesson

By booking a lesson and ticking the lesson agreement, you agree to these terms.

Cancelling Lessons

Lessons can be cancelled any time up to 24 hours before the lesson time. 

If there is less than 24 hours before the lesson, it cannot be changed.


Rescheduling Lessons

Lessons can be rescheduled any time up to 24 hours before the original lesson time. Because I will be unable to fill the lesson time after this point, rescheduling requests within 24 hours cannot be accepted. 

If you fail to attend a lesson, this also cannot be rescheduled.

A single lesson can be rescheduled no more than twice. (If you are unable to attend a lesson, it’s better to cancel and rebook rather than continuously rescheduling)

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