#97 Dr Li Wenliang, a COVID-19 whistleblower, becomes a wailing wall 从吹哨人到哭墙的李文亮医生

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经常看中国新闻的朋友,可能已经知道,经历了三年的新冠疫情以后,中国终于慢慢开放了。城市不再封锁,人们也不再需要经常做检测了。其实,MaoMi Chinese这个播客和新冠疫情也有很大的关系。两年前,因为新冠疫情,英国也开始封锁。我是学校的老师,虽然还在上网课,但是我突然有了很多自己的时间,所以我才开始做播客。现在,对于很多人来说,新冠疫情已经不再可怕了。可能也有人忘记了,2019年12月,新冠第一次出现的时候,是一个多么危险的病毒。三年前,一个叫李文亮的医生在微信上发了关于这个新病毒的消息,但是李文亮也因为这样被警察警告。后来,新冠疫情在武汉爆发,李文亮说的话成为了事实,人们说他是“吹哨人”。一个多月以后,李文亮就感染了新冠病毒,去世了。三年里,他的微博上每天都有很多中国网友留言,就像很多人的哭墙。今天,让我们回到三年前,一起重新认识这一位勇敢的中国医生。






Hello everyone, welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

People who often read Chinese news may already know that after three years of the pandemic of covid-19, China is finally slowly opening up. Cities are no longer locked down, and people no longer need to be often tested. In fact, the MaoMi Chinese podcast has some connections with the COVID-19 pandemic. Two years ago, due to the pandemic outbreak, the United Kingdom began to be locked down. I have been a teacher at school. Although I was still teaching lessons online, I suddenly had a lot of time for myself. Then, I started to work on the podcast. Nowadays, for many people, covid-19 is no longer scary. Some people may have forgotten how dangerous the virus was when it first appeared in December 2019. Three years ago, a doctor named Li Wenliang sent some messages about the new virus on WeChat but later was warned by the police for doing so. When covid-19 broke out in Wuhan, what Li Wenliang said became a fact, and people called him a “whistleblower”. Over a month later, Li Wenliang was infected with the new virus and passed away. For three years, many Chinese netizens left messages on his Weibo every day, which is like the Wailing Wall for many people. Today, let’s travel back to three years ago and get to know this brave Chinese doctor again.

Li Wenliang was born in northeast China. When he was a child, his family was very poor. Li Wenliang studied very hard in school. Later, he took the college entrance examination, got a very good result, and entered Wuhan University, an outstanding university in China. Li Wenliang majored in medicine, and he studied medicine for seven years. In 2011, he graduated as an ophthalmologist. Li Wenliang’s intern said that Dr. Li Wenliang was very patient with his patients. Many of his patients are elderly, with bad eyesight and hearing, but he was never impatient with them. Li Wenliang likes watching Japanese anime and some TV series, and he often followed the trend of electronic products. His favorite food was fried chicken drumsticks.

In December 2019, some people with pneumonia suddenly appeared in hospitals in Wuhan, and they all went to the South China Seafood Market. On December 30, Li Wenliang saw a report that a patient was likely to get the SARS coronavirus. Li Wenliang posted the report on his WeChat group, reminding his coursemates and colleagues to be careful. At 1:30 a.m. on December 31, he was called by the leader of the hospital to have a talk. After dawn, he was asked to write a self-criticism. On January 3, Dr. Li Wenliang was called to the police station. The police gave him a stern warning for posting untrue online messages and “rumors”. Dr. Li Wenliang was also reprimanded by the police. If he spread rumors again, he would have very serious consequences. Dr. Li Wenliang did not understand why he was reprimanded for telling the truth.

On January 8, Li Wenliang saw a patient. The next day, the patient developed a fever. On January 10, Li Wenliang also developed a cough and fever. His illness was getting worse and worse, and he couldn’t even get out of bed. On February 1, Dr. Li Wenliang was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. At around nine o’clock in the evening on February 6, Dr. Li Wenliang lost his heartbeat. He passed away. He was only thirty-four when he died. His death sparked outrage across China. People believed that Dr. Li Wenliang was the “whistleblower” of the covid-19 pandemic because he told the truth.

In the past three years, because of the pandemic, our lives have undergone tremendous changes. Now, three years later, our life is slowly returning to normal, but Dr. Li Wenliang can no longer see it. On his social media, many netizens leave messages every day. There are now more than one million comments. His Weibo is like the Wailing Wall, where many people come to let out their feelings. Some netizens just say, “good morning”. When China’s covid-19 restriction was strictest, some netizens asked, “Dr. Li Wenliang, will our lives get better?” Some people said, “You are gone, but you will always live in our hearts.” Others said Dr. Li Wenliang is like the hobbit in the movie “The Lord of the Rings”. “Although ordinary and insignificant, he is resolute and brave. He is also indispensable. He has become a hero without realizing it himself.” Now that China is slowly opening up, some netizens left a message to him, saying “Before you died, you were still worried about the pandemic. Now, spring has finally come.”

Dr. Li Wenliang’s life stopped in the winter of his 34th year. But now spring is coming. I believe that everyone who is alive now will remember him and make every spring count for him.

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