#96 ‘Water’ is worthless? Unlock a wide use of 水

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如果你在大学,你有一门课,这门课很简单,很容易,你的老师一般常常会给学生高分。也就是说,只要你去上课,就可以了。那么,你就可以说,这门课很“水”,你也可以说这是一门“水课”。在英文里,“水课”的意思是“Easy-A course”。比如,你可以说:“这个学期的课太水了,我觉得我学不到东西! ”

如果一个人很喜欢说他有多厉害,多棒,多么地有实力。但是你后来发现他说的都不是真的,他其实什么也不会,什么也做不好,而且他总喜欢吹牛。吹牛,意思是总是喜欢夸自己,总是说一些假话。对于这样的人,你可以说他们是“水货”。比如,你可以说:“这个新同事,拿着那么高的工资,还经常说自己多么厉害,但是居然连PowerPoint都不会用!他就是一个水货啊! ”


除了作名词和形容词以外,水还可以作动词。比如,今天你上班完全没有心情,工作的时候你只想着下班,所以做什么都是随随便便的,很不认真。那么你可以说:“今天真的不想上班,水了一天的工作。”你在学校里有一门课,你不喜欢,但是又不能不上,你也不在乎成绩,那么,你也可以说:“我一点儿都不喜欢这门课,水一水就完事儿了! ”如果有人每天都不知道自己在做什么,也没有目标,没有动力,他们觉得每天都很无聊,我们可以说这些人在“水日子”,也可以说“混日子”。


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When it comes to “water”, many people should be familiar with it. This may be the Chinese character we learned when we first started learning Chinese. We also often use this word in our lives, for example, drinking water, soda water, water pollution, and so on. Water is a very common noun. However, do you know that 水can also be an adjective as well as a verb? We all know that water is very important and without water there is no life. However, do you know that 水 also means “not important at all”? Today let’s talk about the various uses of “water”.

If you’re in college and you have a course which is simple and easy, and your teachers usually give high marks to the students. That said, as long as you go to class, you’ll be fine. In this case, you can say that this course is “watery”, you can also say that this is a “watery course”. In English, “watery course” means “Easy-A course”. For example, you can say: “This semester’s courses are too 水, I don’t think I can learn anything!”

A person likes to say how good he is, how great he is, and how capable he is, but you later found out that what he said was not true, and he actually knows nothing and can’t do anything well. He always likes to brag. 吹牛 means always like to boast about yourself and always tell some lies. For such people, you can say that they are “水货”. For example, you can say, “The new colleague who gets such a high salary often talks about how good he is, but he can’t even use PowerPoint! He is a 水货!”

After listening to these examples, you also understand that 水means “useless and worthless”. Why? Let’s think about it. Water is a very simple thing which has no colour, no taste, and no content. Gradually, people began to use “water” to describe some useless and worthless things or people.

In addition to being used as a noun and an adjective, water can also be used as a verb. For example, today you are not in the mood to go to work at all. When you are working, you only think about getting off work, so you do everything casually and carelessly. Then you can say, “I really don’t want to come to work today, and I have been goofing off.” You have a course in school that you don’t like, but you have to take it, and you don’t care about the grades, then you can also say, ” I don’t like this course at all, so I just goof off!” If someone doesn’t know what they are doing every day, has no goals, has no motivation and feel that every day is boring, then we can say that these people are “goofing off “, or “making a fool of themselves”.

Of course, we still hope that every day is interesting and meaningful. I hope your life is not “watery” at all! Can you write some sentences with “water”? Welcome to share with us in the comment!

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