#94 When social phobia becomes ‘popular’ in China… 当越来越多中国人开始社恐

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你会怎么样形容自己的性格呢?你觉得自己是一个外向的人,还是一个内向的人?你喜欢认识新的朋友吗?还是你更喜欢独处呢?对于这一个问题,很多的中国年轻人给出了同一个答案:我社恐。 在中国的网络上,“社恐”渐渐成为了一个网络的流行语,也成为了一个标签。今天,我们一起来聊一聊“社恐”吧!

如果你被一只老虎咬了,你会求救吗?对于这个问题,中国网络上有一个流行的答案:“不会。因为如果没有人救,我只是可能会死;可一旦有人来救,我还得跟他打招呼。” 这是一个中国的脱口秀演员说的一个笑话,但是非常多的年轻人都赞同。他们宁愿被老虎咬死,也不愿意和别人打招呼。越来越多的人年轻人说,他们社恐。社恐,来自“社交恐惧症”。如果一个人说他有社恐,他的意思是,他很害怕和人聊天和相处,他只想一个人。





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How would you describe your personality? Do you consider yourself an extrovert, or an introvert? Do you like meeting new people? Or do you prefer to be alone? To this question, many Chinese young people gave the same answer: We have social phobia. On the Internet in China, “social phobia” has gradually become an Internet buzzword and a label. Today, let’s talk about “social phobia” !

If you were caught by a tiger, would you call for help? For this question, there is a popular answer on the Chinese Internet: “No. Because if no one saves me, I may die; but once someone comes to save me, I have to say hello to him.” This is a joke told by a Chinese talk show actor, but a lot of young people agree with that. They would rather be killed by a tiger than greet others. More and more young people say they are socially phobic. 社恐 comes from “social phobia”. If a person says that he has social phobia, what he means is that he is very afraid of chatting and getting along with people, and he only wants to be alone.

Someone surveyed Chinese people aged 16 to 29 and found that 32% of them have social phobia. Why do more and more Chinese young people have social fear? I think there are two reasons. The first reason is that social media is very popular and even dominates the daily life of young people. Although people can chat at any time on social media, they rarely chat face to face, so when it comes to actually getting along with people, many people feel awkward and don’t know what to say or do. Some Chinese students say that they study at school from Mondays to Fridays and stay at home on weekends. Although they can be chatty online, they are shy when talking to people offline. They say that because it is safer to chat with people online, at least others cannot see themselves.

The second reason is unique to China. Many young people nowadays are the only children in their families, because they were born under the one-child policy, where one couple can only have one child. Therefore, they have no siblings to play with. Also being the only child, their parents have high expectations on them, so they spend more time studying and less time meeting new friends. When they need to socialize, they find it very difficult, and these social interactions will also give them a lot of pressure.

To be honest, I think it’s normal to have a little bit of social anxiety, we all have times when we just want to be alone and don’t want to talk to other people. What do you think? Welcome to leave us a comment!

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  1. Hi Molly this is Lali from Beijing

    Thank you for the great content! I wish I found your podcast earlier when I started my journey studying Chinese 3 years ago. It’s been a week since I discovered you and I’m super grateful for the transcripts. I’m recommending it to all my friends that are studying Chinese.

    On another note, the music at the start and end of the podcast puts a smile on my face every single time.

    Thank you again and keep being amazing!

    1. Molly - Maomi Chinese

      Hi Lali! Thank you for your very nice comments and recommending my podcast to your friends. I am so so pleased that you found it useful for your learning. I hope our little Mascot Louie can cheer you up! :)

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