#90 What Chinese reality shows to watch to boost my Chinese level? 看什么真人秀节目可以提高中文水平?

大家好!欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese。你们喜欢看电视节目吗?你们平时看什么电视节目呢?你可能也想过,有没有一些电视节目,既好看,又可以帮我们学习中文呢?今天,我们一起聊一聊吧·!






Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese. Do you like watching TV shows? What TV shows do you usually watch? You may have also wondered if there are any TV shows that are both good to watch and can help us learn Chinese. Let’s talk about it today!

There are many reality shows in China, but which one should we watch? If you like children and are interested in Chinese geography and culture, then you should definitely check out ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ This is a reality show for celebrity parents and their children. In this show, celebrity dads had to took their children to travel to various places in China. They have been to tropical rain forests in southwest China, deserts in northwest China, and snow-covered villages in the north. In the show, many fathers used to be too busy with their work and rarely spent time with their children. Therefore, in this show, you will see a lot of dads and kids getting to know each other on the trip. All in all, this is a lighthearted reality show, and you can also learn about the customs of various places in China in this show.风土人情, that is, the culture and customs of each place. Because there are a lot of children in this show, the children’s words won’t be particularly difficult. If you want to practice listening, start with ‘Where Are You Going, Dad?’

If you like music, you can take a look at “The Voice of China”. Some ordinary people were discovered in this program and became excellent singers because they sang very well. Their voice is “the good voice of China”. This music show is perfect if you want to be the one who discovers China’s future pop music.

If you are interested in some dating shows, then you can take a look at ‘Heart Signal’. In this show, four young men and women had to live in a house. Although they didn’t know each other before, they had to live together in the house and finally find someone they liked and liked themselves. These young men and women are ordinary people, so it is very interesting to see how they fall in love. Many of the languages in the program are the language of daily life, so we can also hear a lot of authentic language materials in this program.

If you want to know some careers in China, then you can watch ‘We Are New to the Workplace’. In this show, six young people have to pass various tests and get a job. For example, in the recent “We Are New to the Workplace”, there are six forensic interns who have to solve various cases through the knowledge and experience of forensics. The best performers get hired. If you want to learn about careers and workplaces in China, this show must be a good choice.

What Chinese reality shows have you watched? Feel free to share with us in the comments!

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  1. thank you so much! i can tell you put so much effort into every podcast including transcript and translation! you are amazing!
    thank you for what you do, you really are making a change for the better!
    appreciate, Yahel from Israel.

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