#80 The wide use of ‘naked’ in Chinese 说说“裸”字

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后来,“裸”这个字也有了“什么都没有”的意思。我们一起来看一看一些例子。第一个例子:“裸婚”。我在以前的播客里介绍过,中国人结婚之前要有彩礼和嫁妆(see episode#42 ),最好也要先买好房子和车子。但是,也有很多年轻人没有等到有房子、有车子,就结婚了。这样结婚,就叫“裸婚”,意思是结婚以前什么都没有。比如,我们可以说:“他们的父母很担心他们的婚姻,因为他们裸婚。”




Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese.

Today let’s talk about a very interesting Chinese character: “naked”. “Naked” means “to reveal” or “nothing to cover”. For example, by saying that a person is wearing no clothes, we can say that the person is “completely naked”. Because they don’t wear any clothes, people can also see them naked.

In many cases, the word “naked” means not wearing clothes. For example, if a person sleeps without clothes, we can say that it is “sleeping naked”. If a person swims without clothing, we can say it is “swimming naked”. If a person rides a bicycle without clothing, we can say it is “riding naked”. The “World Naked Bike Ride” takes place in London every summer, and many people go out to ride naked. If a person runs without clothes, we can say it is “streaking”.

Later, the word “naked” also got the meaning of “nothing”. Let’s take a look at some examples. The first example is “naked marriage”. As I explained in a previous podcast, Chinese people should have 彩礼 and 嫁妆 before they get married (see episode #42), and it is best for them to buy a house and a car before marriage. However, there are also many young people who get married without purchasing a house and a car. Marriage in this way is called “naked marriage”, which means that they own no properties before marriage. For example, we could say, “Their parents are worried about their marriage because they had a ‘naked marriage’.”

The second example is “naked exam”. Before exams, many people will study hard and read a lot of books. However, there are also some people who go straight to the exam without reading or reviewing at all before the exam. This is called “naked exam”. For example, we could say, “This is going to be awful. I don’t have time to review for this exam, I’m going to do a ‘naked exam’, and I’ll definitely fail this time.” We can also say: “He’s amazing! He’s got a perfect score even he did a ‘naked exam’!”

The third example is “naked resignation”. 辞 means resignation/to resign. If we don’t like our jobs, we would like to quit them. Most people look for their next job before resignation. However, there are some people who quit their jobs without looking for a next job. This is called “naked resignation”. For example, we could say, “I hate this job so much! Even if I have to do a ‘naked resignation’, I’m still going to quit!” We could also say, “I think you should be more rational and don’t do a ‘naked resignation’. Otherwise you will end up having no income. “

There are so many words about “naked”. Which one do you think is the most interesting? You can use this word, write a sentence in the comments, and share it with us!

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