#8 Mandarin or Cantonese? Which should I learn? 我该学普通话还是广东话?

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大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese! 我是你们的莫莫老师。今天是MaoMi Chinese的第八集- Mandarin or Cantonese? Which language should I learn? 我该学普通话还是广东话?







好啦,广东话和普通话听起来非常不一样,对吗?那么,我们应该学哪一个呢?我个人认为,如果你想学一个比较实用的语言,我觉得你可以学普通话,因为说普通话的人更多。中国有14亿人,大概百分之八十的人都会说普通话。中国的学校里,中国的公司里,也都说普通话。但是,我个人也非常喜欢广东话。广东话也是我的母语,it’s my mother tongue,我的母语。我觉得广东话听起来很美,而且全世界有1亿以上的人会说广东话,也很多。如果你对不同的语言都感兴趣,我觉得你也可以学一学广东话。

如果你想我多介绍一些广东话,欢迎在MaoMi Chinese 的网站或者instagram给我留言哦!


Hello everyone, welcome back to MaoMi Chinese! I am your Teacher Momo. Today is episode 8 – Mandarin or Cantonese? Which language should I learn?

Recently when I was teaching in a school, some of my students asked what were the differences between Mandarin and Cantonese and which one we should learn.

I am Cantonese from China. Because my dad speaks Cantonese, my mum speaks Hakka (another Chinese language), and my school teachers speak Mandarin, I can speak Cantonese, Hakka and Mandarin. There are many dialects and languages in China. Mandarin is the most spoken one and Cantonese is very famous. So, what’s their difference in sound. Please have a listen:

Cantonese is also called yuèyǔ, bái hua. In Guangdong (Canton) province, Guangxi province, Hong Kong and Macao, there are many people who can speak Cantonese. In other countries like America, Canada and Australia, there are many Chinese people who speak Cantonese. In Southeast Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and so one, there are also lots of people speak Cantonese. Do you think it sounds nice? Mandarin is the commonly used language in mainland China. Most Chinese people, especially young people, can speak and understand Mandarin. Now let’s listen to the Mandarin version.

All right, Cantonese sounds very different from Mandarin, doesn’t it? So, which one we should learn? I personally think that if you would like to learn a more practical language, you can learn Mandarin, because they are more people speak Mandarin. There are 1.4 billion people in China, and about 80% of them can speak Mandarin. In Chinese schools and Chinese companies, people also speak Mandarin. However, I personally like Cantonese very much. It is also my mother tongue. I think it sounds very beautiful, and there are over 1 hundred million of people who can speak Cantonese in the world. That’s a lot as well. If you are interested in different languages, I think you can also learn some Cantonese.

If you would like me to introduce more about Cantonese, feel free to leave me a comment on our website: or on the maomichinese Instagram.

That’s all about today. Thanks for your listening and we will see again next week!

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  1. 我觉得在做播客的时候您也可以用广东话表达,语音也是,一个是普通话另一个是广东话,这样可以一边学普通话边学粤语,一举两得

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