#77 Where do super-rich Chinese people live? 中国的超级富豪住在哪儿?

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大家好!欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese!在第64集,我们聊过中国的城中村。在中国的大城市里,还有一些很破旧的村子。城中村里边有很多便宜的楼房。这些楼房是很多工人们的家,每个月他们只需要付几百元就可以住了。可是,你有没有好奇过,中国的有钱人住在哪儿?中国有很多超级富豪,他们住的地方是怎么样的?今天我们一起来聊一聊吧!





如果你想了解这个房子为什么这么贵,那么你一定要到MaoMi Chinese的网站上看一看视频。看完了以后,记得给我们留言,你觉得这套房子好看吗?值得八千万吗?

Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese! In episode 64, we talked about urban villages in China. In big Chinese cities, there are also some very run-down villages. There are many cheap buildings in urban villages. These buildings are the homes of many workers, who only need to pay a few hundred yuan a month to live there. However, have you ever wondered where the rich people in China live? There are many super rich people in China. Where do they live? Let’s talk about it  today!

First of all, you may be wondering: where do the richest Chinese people like to live? According to a survey in 2020 of the 100 richest people in China, most of them live in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. These are the richest and most developed cities in China, and houses there are also very expensive.

You might also be wondering: what are their homes like? Although I can’t take you to see these rich people’s houses, I know that there is one person who can. He is called Uncle Ai. He used to be a real estate agent and is now an internet influencer, which means a person who is famous online and who also has a lot of followers. Uncle Ai also has a lot of followers. He has 2.4 million followers on the Chinese video site Bilili. He often shoots videos in mansions. A mansion means a rich man’s house, a particularly luxurious house. Because most netizens are not rich and do not know what a mansion looks like, Uncle Ai’s video satisfies everyone’s curiosity. Today, let’s go to a mansion in Shanghai with Uncle Ai!

“Hello everyone. I’m Uncle Ai, who can afford to view luxury houses. The luxury house I’m showing you today is 504 square meters, with six bedrooms, two living rooms, and five bathrooms. The overall style of the house is tailor-made for Chinese entrepreneurs. The price is 80 million. To see this suite you are not only required to make an appointment a week in advance, but also a saving certificate of 20 million. To be honest, I understand very well (why they have to do that). After all, 20 million is not enough to place a deposit. “

The house he introduced is very large, with a total of 504 square meters. There are six rooms, two living rooms, five bathrooms. Of course, this house is also very expensive, selling for 80 million yuan. If you want to see this house, you also need to make an appointment a week in advance, and you need to have 20 million in savings. 20 million might not even be enough for the deposit.

If you want to understand why this house is so expensive, then you should definitely check out the video on the MaoMi Chinese website. After reading it, don’t forget to leave a comment, sharing if you think this house looks good and if it is worth 80 million.

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