#72 Women abduction got Chinese people furious令人愤怒的女性拐卖

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Hello everyone, welcome back to MaoMi Chinese. A long time ago, I really wanted to talk about the news about women abduction and trafficking, but I was so angry at the time, so I wanted to calm down and talk about it later. Today I feel that I am sensible enough, so let’s talk about the abduction and trafficking of women in China.

In January 2022, a video on Douyin(Chinese Tiktok) attracted a lot of attention. The family in the video lived in a rural area called Fengxian in Jiangsu province. southeast China. In the video there was a man in his fifties named Dong Zhimin. He has eight children and was introducing how he usually takes care of the children by himself. Because he also often posted videos on Douyin, he gradually became famous and was able to make money on Douyin. There was also a woman in the video, living in a particularly dilapidated house. The temperature was about zero degrees, but the woman was wearing ragged clothes, had few teeth, and was eating terrible food. The most frightening thing was that she had chains around her neck. Who is this woman? She is Dong Zhimin’s wife and mother of eight children. Many people were very angry after watching the video and started calling the police, asking the police to investigate.

The initial investigation was unsatisfactory because people felt that the local council was dishonest and lying. Finally, the Jiangsu provincial government did an investigation and found that the woman was from Yunnan province in southwest China. In 1998, she was tricked into coming to the countryside of Jiangsu province and sold to a man as his wife. Later, she was sold to Dong Zhimin as his wife, and until now, she has given birth to eight children. She has been having some mental problems, so her family tied her up with chains, and this is what netizens are seeing now.

In the end, Dong Zhimin was arrested, as were the others who abducted her, and some local government workers were dismissed. Although this case has ended, many Chinese people are still very angry. Why? Because everyone believes that this can not be the only female abduction case. In many places in China, there must also be women who have been abducted. Many people believe that China’s laws are too lax on human trafficking. People who committed this crime generally only serve less than five years in prison. After this case, everyone is calling for the law to be changed. However, changing laws always takes a long time, and social progress always comes at a price. Will female trafficking, or even human trafficking, disappear in China? We can only wait and see.

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