#7 Useful idioms related to “eat”: 关于“吃”的表达

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你们好!欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese。我是你们的莫莫老师。今天是MaoMi Chinese 的第七集-关于“吃”的表达。


朋友见面的时候,我们可以说“你好吗”“你最近怎么样”,还可以说“你吃了吗”? Have you eaten yet? 你吃了吗?早上和朋友见面,我们可以说,你吃早饭了吗?中午和朋友见面,我们可以说,你吃午饭了吗?晚上和朋友见面,我们可以说,你吃晚饭了吗?但是,如果你在洗手间见到你的朋友,绝对不能说“你吃了吗”。(笑)

如果一个人很爱吃,我们可以说他是“吃货”, foodie,吃货。比如,“他每天都要吃好吃的,真是一个吃货!”“我是一个吃货,只要是美食,我都喜欢!”你呢?你觉得你是吃货吗?你有吃货朋友吗?

我们还可以说“吃醋”。醋,意思是vinegar。醋很酸,不太好吃。吃醋,意思是谈恋爱的的时候觉得很嫉妒,to feel very jealous,especially in a relationship。比如,你有一个男朋友,但是他经常跟别人聊天,发短信,你可以说:“你总是跟别人聊天,我吃醋了!”

还有一个词,叫“吃亏”。吃亏是什么意思呢?英语里有点像to suffer losses。比如说,我去买苹果,苹果原来是10块,但是店主要我给50块,我吃亏了,而且是吃大亏了。比如说,我花了三千块买了一部手机,但发现手机是假的,我又吃亏了。

最后,我想说的一个词是“吃豆腐”。豆腐,是一种很常见的食物,英文意思是tofu。我们说吃豆腐,有时候不是真的吃豆腐这种食物。When we say 吃豆腐,it doesn’t always means eating real tofu, it can mean someone is very handsy 比如说,今天看电影的时候,旁边的人摸了我的手,他吃我的豆腐,太恶心了! 你也可以跟朋友说,坐地铁的时候要小心,有些人喜欢吃女生的豆腐。



Hello Guys! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese. I am your Teacher Momo. Today is episode 7 –expressions about “eating”.

Some people know that “eating” is so important in Chinese culture! Chinese people love eating food so much and there is lots of delicious food in China!

When meeting with people, we can say “How are you?” or “How have you been?” We can also say “Have you eaten yet?”. While meeting friends in the morning, we can say “have you eaten breakfast yet?”; at noon, we can say “have you eaten lunch yet?”; in the evening, we can say “have you eaten dinner yet?”. However, if you meet your friends in the bathroom, then absolutely don’t say “have you eaten yet?”.

If someone loves eating, we can say they are a “foodie”. For example, “he has to eat good food every day. He’s really a foodie!” “I am a foodie. As long as it’s good food, I will like it!” How about you? Do you think you are a foodie? Do you have a foodie friend?

We can also say “to eat vinegar”. “醋” means vinegar. Vinegar is very sour and doesn’t taste very nice. 吃醋 means we feel jealous in a relationship. For example, if you have a boyfriend but he often chats and texts with other people, you can say “You always chat with other people and I am really jealous like ‘eating vinegar’!”

Another word is “吃亏”. What does this mean? In English, it’s a bit like to suffer losses. For example, if I go to buy apples which were originally 10 yuan, but the shop owner charged me 50 yuan, then it means I suffered losses and they’re huge losses. Another example is if I spent 3000 yuan buying a mobile phone but realised it’s a fake one, then it means I suffered losses again!

At last, the word I would like to talk about is “吃豆腐”. 豆腐 is a very common food which means tofu. When we say to eat tofu, it doesn’t always mean eating real tofu, it can mean someone is very handsy. For example, today when I am watching the film, the guy next to me touched my hand. He ate my tofu. So disgusting! You can also tell your friend to be careful when they take the tube/subway because some people are very handsy and they like to “eat ladies’ tofu”.

Brilliant. Today we have talked about a few expressions about “eat”. 1 when meeting our friends, we can greet “nǐ chī le ma (have you eaten yet)”; 2 if someone really likes eating food, we can say that he is a chī huò (foodie); 3 if we feel jealous in a relationship we can say “chī cù (eat vinegar)”;4 if we are cheated and lose some money we can say that we chī kuī le(suffer some losses); 5 chī dòufu,we have to be very careful that other people being handsy and “eat our tofu”.

That’s all about today and thanks for listening! We will see you next week!

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