#63 A flight that would never arrive 永不抵达的飞机

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大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese。今天MaoMi Chinese想和大家说一说最近在中国发生的一个灾难,也聊一聊“死亡”这个话题。




虽然每一个人都会死亡,每一个人都会面对“人生无常”,但是我们可以“活在当下”。最后,我也希望MaoMi Chinese的每一个朋友都健康平安。

Hello everyone, welcome back to MaoMi Chinese. Today, we would like to talk about a recent disaster in China, as well as the topic of “death”.

On the afternoon of March 21, a plane MU6735 from China Eastern Airlines took off from Kunming City, Yunnan Province, and its destination was Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. However, this plane would never be able to reach Guangzhou. For some unknown reason, it suddenly fell from the sky of 8000 meters during its journey and crashed into a valley in Guangxi Province. Rescuers worked around the clock for six days without finding a single survivor. “幸存者”, meaning someone who is very lucky to be alive. On March 26, the Chinese government announced that all 132 people on the plane had been killed. “遇难” means to die in a disaster. This news broke the hearts of 1.4 billion Chinese people. These 132 people are the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, partners, friends, teachers, students of many people… No one thought that this trip, which turned out to be only more than two hours, would become their farewell. “永别”, that is, never see each other again.

There is a saying in China called “life is impermanent”, which means that there are always many changes in life, and we never know what will happen in the next second, next minute, next hour, or tomorrow. This disaster reminded many people that “life is impermanent”. Many of my friends say that they used to think “safe and healthy” was a boring blessing, but now they think it’s the best wish. There are also some friends who used to be under a lot of pressure and felt that they were not successful enough. Now they start to think that “health and safety” is the most important thing because we never know which will come first tomorrow or accident.

Chatting with a friend recently, we were discussing “If tomorrow was my last day, would I regret my life?” “遗憾” means we feel sad because of something we wanted to do but didn’t do. For example, we have always wanted to travel, but because we are too busy with work, we have not been there, and we will regret it. For example, we are usually too busy to spend time with family and friends, and one day if we lose them, we will feel very sad and regretful. Because “life is impermanent”, we have to “live in the moment”. “Live in the moment” means to cherish every minute of the present. If there is something you want to do, do it; if there is someone you want to see, go see it; if there is a place you want to travel to, don’t wait any longer.

Although everyone will die and everyone will face the “impermanence of life”, we can “live in the moment”. Finally, I also wish every audience of MaoMi Chinese to be healthy and safe.

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