#56 He was only 15, but was killed by words 网络暴力杀死了15岁少年

Podcast Transcript

大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese。今天我想和大家聊一下最近发生在中国的悲剧,一个让人难过的事。一个只有十五岁的男孩自杀了,因为他没有办法承受网络暴力。我们甚至可以说,他是被网络暴力杀死的。





Hello everyone. Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese. Today I would like to talk about a tragedy that recently happened in China, a very sad story. A boy who was only 15 killed himself because he couldn’t bear cyberbullying anymore. We can even say that he was killed by cyberbullying.

The boy was called Liu Xuezhou. He was so young but his life was so miserable. When Liu Xuezhou was born, his parents sold him. When he was 4, his foster parents passed away due to an incident. When he was in school, he also suffered from bullying in because he had no parents. When he was in secondary school he was sexually harassed by a male teacher. He had depression but he never gave up and had been working hard for his living, on 6th December 2021, he posted a video on Weibo, a social media in China, hoping to find his parents. On 15th December, the police found his parents for him. He didn’t realise he was sold by his own parents when he was little until that day. His parents got another child and wouldn’t like to live with him, nor would they like to rent accommodation for him. His mother blocked him on WeChat. 拉黑, means to put someone on the blacklist and never get in touch with them.

Later on, his parents accepted the interview with a newspaper and claimed that Liu Xuezhou was blackmailing them to buy a house for him. Liu Xuezhou claimed that it wasn’t true he didn’t do it. However, lots of Internet users cursed at him, saying that he was evil and should go die. That was cyberbullying. Those people are called ‘Keyboard Men’. 侠 was originally a good word but here people used to be ironic. ‘Keyboard Men’ are those who have no gut to criticise others in real life but curse at other people in the cyber world. Because of the cyberbullying from those ‘keyboard men’, and because of the ruthlessness of his parents, Liu Xuezhou committed suicide. On 24th January 2022, he posted a suicide note on Weibo, then swallowed lots of pills by the seaside. After being sent to the hospital, he still died. His foster uncle took his body back to the hometown of his foster parents. On the seaside he committed suicide, there are still many people come and bring him some flowers.

I really want to ask those ‘keyboard men’ what they are thinking about when they were cyberbullying people. Why on earth did they have to say such horrible words to a 15 years old boy? Words can kill. A 15 years old boy was killed by that. His life had not even properly started.

Today we talked about a sad story, and I hope this kind of sad story will never happen in the future.

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