#53 Fake Chinese teachers on Tiktok you need to STOP! 抖音上的假中文老师该灭绝了!

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大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese,一个有趣又有用的中文学习资源站。你们喜欢玩抖音吗?抖音,在英文里叫Tik Tok。




我认识很多中文老师,他们有些在学校工作,有些在网络上教中文课,他们都在认真地教中文,也真心地热爱中文。因为有他们,更多的学生喜欢学中文。在抖音上拍那些视频的人,他们一定不爱中文。他们只是把中文当作一个工具,来得到流量。他们也给教中文,学中文带来了很糟糕的影响。想象一下,如果有一天老师让学生留堂,给学生detention,学生学了抖音上教的中文,对老师说:“我恨你!”“滚开!” 我猜老师一定会气死。


Hello everyone. Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese, a fun and practical Chinese learning resource station. Do you like using Tik Tok?

A few days ago, a friend of mine told me that on Tik Tok there are many videos about some Chinese teachers teaching Chinese. In the beginning, I felt quite happy, because I can see more and more people want to learn Chinese. However, when I watched these videos I felt really angry. People in the videos were wearing some strange and weird clothes and yelling at the camera. What they teach is how to curse in Chinese. I couldn’t even take an easy breath when I was watching those videos. 窒息, means can’t breathe. These videos stopped me from breathing because they are too crazy. We can listen to it a bit and feel what it’s like:

“I hate you!” “Fxxk off!”

I just want to say, ‘God, help me!’ How dare they said that they are Chinese teachers? Apart from yelling and speaking some curse words, what else do they teach? Almost nothing! When we are learning a language, what we hope is to communicate with more people and know more different cultures in the world. Although cursing is part of the language, it’s less spoken in daily life. These people only filmed videos to get more attention. In Chinese nowadays, there is a word called ‘流量’, which originally meant flow, the flow of water. Now it has a new meaning, which is the ‘flow of the Internet’. If some people or something gets lots of attention and followers online, then we can say that this person/thing got lots of ‘flow’. If they have lots of ‘flow’, they can make money from it. This is the rule of the Internet. Sadly, something unbearable or exaggerating more often gets attention online. I think it is the reason why there are so many videos of teaching Chinese on Tik Tok.

I know many Chinese teachers. Some of them work in schools and some teach online. They all take teaching Chinese seriously and truly love Chinese. Because of them, more students like Chinese as well. People who filmed those videos on Tik Tok definitely don’t like Chinese. They just take it as a tool to get attention. They also impact teaching negatively and learning Chinese. Imagine that if one day teachers give detention to their students and their students learned some Chinese taught on Til Tok and told the teacher, “I hate you!” “Fxxk off”! I guess teachers would be super angry.

Therefore, those fake teachers on Tik Tok, it’s time to disappear forever!

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