#51 What’s your 2022 Resolution? 2022年,你有什么新年目标?

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大家好,谢谢大家在2022年也回来MaoMi Chinese!新年快乐!


每一个新年,大家都会定一些新年的目标,新年的计划。我今年的其中一个目标,是坚持做MaoMi Chinese,坚持每个星期更新一集,同时做一些HSK考试的课程。我也问了一些朋友们的新年目标,每一个人的目标都不一样,我们一起听听他们怎么说吧!







Hello everyone. Thanks for coming back to MaoMi Chinese in 2022. Happy New Year!

Without realising it, another year has gone by. Looking back on the past year, there were so many things that happened in the world. We have experienced all kinds of emotion, partings and reunions. 喜怒哀乐,悲欢离合are two idioms. 喜怒哀乐,means all kinds of emotion, joy, anger, sorrow, happiness. 悲欢离合 means sorrow, happiness, partings and reunions. In the past year, maybe some people lost their families and friends, and maybe some families welcomed new lives. Maybe some people have lost a lot, maybe some have gained a lot. But whatever it was like, this is life, and you have been insisting on it and working hard on it. You are awesome!

Every new year, people would make some New Year goals and resolutions. One of my goals this year is to carry one working on MaoMi Chinese and update one episode every week. Meanwhile, I will make some HSK exam courses. I also asked some friends about their New Year goals and everyone has a different one. Let’s listen to what they’ve said.

“I hope that things will go well and I can enter UCL to study. Meanwhile, I also hope that in the new year I will be happy and healthy every day.”

“My New Year goal is just to survive. I also hope that by the end of 2022 I can save some money for myself.”

Some friends thought that it was not necessary to make a New Year resolution because people could make it anytime.

“In fact, I am a bit like that I can’t be bothered to make a New Year goal, and say some great words about what I am going to do next year because I think that you can set a goal and give up on it at any time. I was hoping I could buy a house by my 31st birthday but it now seems impossible, so I can only keep working hard on saving money.”

She said that she thought that there is no need to say great words. 豪言壮志is also a good idiom, which means some words sound good and great. I totally agree with what she said. Although setting a goal is important, it is more important to get everything done.

What’s your New Year resolution? Feel free to leave your comments and share with us!

4 thoughts on “#51 What’s your 2022 Resolution? 2022年,你有什么新年目标?”

  1. 感谢你们继续每周免费为我们提供如此有趣的播客。

  2. Tuning into your podcast and learning from you is my new year’s resolution! Your transcript is very helpful! Looking forward to more Maomi Chinese times ahead, Happy New Year!

    1. Molly - Maomi Chinese

      Happy New Year Kayleigh! Thanks for your very nice comments! That’s one of my new year’s resolution too, which is to create more and better contents for learners! 一起加油!

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