#45 Anita Mui Yim Fong, a legend of Chinese music 一代传奇梅艳芳

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Hello everyone. Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese.

On 12th November, there was a movie on show. The movie is called ‘Anita’. Talking about Anita Mui Yim Fong, many Chinese will remember her. She was the daughter of Hong Kong, a singer, and also an actress. She only lived for 40 years, but she was still a legend. I am Cantonese and speak Cantonese. When I was little, I also listened to lots of Hong Kong music. Anita Mui Yim Fong used to be the name known by every family. Therefore, today I would like to talk about the life of Mui Yim Fong with everyone.

In October 1963, Anita was born. She was the youngest kid in her family. Her family was deprived and she had to sing songs in sing and dance halls with her older sister when she was only 4 years old. Their lives were tough. When she was little, she couldn’t have a proper meal. When she was in school, her classmates laughed at her and discriminated against her. Discriminate, means people look down on someone and think others are not as good as themselves. Later on, Anita dropped her studies when she was in the first year of secondary school. She said, if she could time travel back to the past, she hoped she could have done more studying and read more books. If she could travel back, she hoped that her life could have started from her teens, because her life before that was too difficult, and she did not want to experience it again.

Although Anita did not study much when she was young, she was super talented. When she was 18, she became the champion in a Sing and Dance contest, then started to be more and more popular and became a super famous pop star and actress. Although her childhood was very difficult, her personality was still sincere, strong and helpful. She had lots of friends. When her friends found themselves in some trouble, she would go through fire and boiling water for them. However, she did not ask for a reward for helping friends.

She was a superstar, but she was still very kind and did a lot for charity. When the weather was cold, she would hand out some blankets for homeless people. If there was a place in disaster, she would donate her money, and hold concerts to raise money. In 2003, Anita got cancer. Her doctor asked her to take more rest. In the same year, SARS broke out in Hong Kong. She held concerts to raise money and encouraged other singers to raise money for people in need. Later on, she realised that there was not much time left in her life. Her doctor and friends asked her to give up on the concert and take more rest. However, she insisted to hold concerts, as she knew that she had to enjoy her time on stage, and she had to say goodbye to her fans.

The last song she sang in her concert was ‘Song of the setting sun’. 夕阳,which means the setting sun. The setting sun is beautiful but doesn’t last long. Anita said that because she knew that the beautiful setting sun did not last long. She wanted to live the moment. She sang this song on the stage with a wedding dress on. She did not get married her whole life, but she said she already married herself to the stage, to music. Not long after, Anita passed away because of cancer. When she passed away, she was only 40 years old. The whole of Hong Kong cried for her. Many people outside Hong Kong also were also heartbroken for her.

Why do we still miss Anita? I think it’s because of her spirit. Her life was once really hard, but she wasn't selfish or hypocritical. She helped her family, her friends and everyone. If there were some people who suffered through something unfair, she would also stand out and speak for them. She worked hard and respected everyone. Although she was sick and her body was very weak, she was still full of energy. She said she wanted to live the moment. She made it. She is Anita Mui Yim Fong. She was a legend and will be forever missed.

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