#44 How to confess your love and reject people in Chinese 怎样用中文表白还有拒绝表白?

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大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese!

不知道MaoMi Chinese 的听众,有多少人有多对象,有多少人单身呢? 有对象,意思是有男朋友或者女朋友,have a partner。单身,意思是自己一个人,don’t have a partner。爱情,在我们的人生里是很重要的一个话题。如果我们喜欢一个人,爱一个人,想告诉这个人,我们要告白,也可以说表白。那么,我们怎么用中文告白呢? 除了说“我喜欢你”,“我爱你”,我们还可以说什么呢?今天我们一起聊一聊。



非常甜蜜的一首歌。我们一起来聊一聊一些词语。“你说你有点难追”。“追”,英文意思是to chase,但是在这里,“追”的意思是很主动。比如,追女孩子。比如,女孩子不要害羞,如果遇见喜欢的男生,就去追吧!


“拥有你就拥有全世界”,各位朋友,请把这句话抄下来,这可以说是告白的金句了。“全世界”,我们告白的时候可以说,你是我的全世界。“爱上你,从那天起,甜蜜得很轻易”。“从那天起”,start from the day。甜蜜得很轻易,意思是很容易就感到开心,感到甜蜜。这是爱情的甜蜜。


说了一些告白的句子,我们也来说一些拒绝告白的句子吧。拒绝,to reject,to turn down。如果有人向你告白,但是你不喜欢这个人,除了很直接地说“我不喜欢你”,你还可以试一试这些句子。

如果想要礼貌地拒绝告白,我们可以说:“你很好,但是我现在还不想谈恋爱”。还不,not yet,这句话的意思是还没有准备好谈恋爱。我们也可以发好人卡,说:“你很好,但我们还是更适合做朋友”。或者我们也可以直接说:“我觉得我们不太合适。我们不是一个世界的人。”在最后,我们也可以加一句:“希望你能遇到更合适的人。”

Hello everyone. Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

I don’t know how many listeners of MaoMi Chinese have a partner and how many are single. 有对象, means someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend (to have a partner). 单身, means someone is on his/her own and doesn’t have a partner. Love is an important topic in our lives. If we like someone or love someone and we would like to tell this person, we need to confess our love. So how do we make a love confession in Chinese? In addition to saying ‘I like you’, ’I love you’, what else we can say? Let’s talk about it today.

When talking about confessing love, we definitely need to listen to a song from pop star Jay Chou, called ‘The balloon of love confession’, which includes many vocabularies related to love and relationships. Let’s listen to it together:

‘You say you are not easy to get. You want me to quit. You don’t need the most expensive present, and you just need some fallen leaves from Champs Elysees. I am going to make a romantic date and am not afraid of screwing up. If I can have you then I can have the whole world. My dear, since the day I fell in love with you, it’s been so easy to feel the sweetness. My dear, don’t be stubborn. Your eyes are saying I do.’

A very sweet song. Let’s talk about some vocabulary. ‘You say you are not easy to get’. 追, literally means to chase, but in this context, it means to be initiative. For example, to chase a girl. For example, don’t be shy girls. If you meet some you like, just chase them!

‘To make a romantic date’. 浪漫 is a word from English ‘romantic’. We can also use this word to describe people, for example, my boyfriend is not romantic at all. 约会, date. Let’s go on a date. Can I go on a date with you? I am recently dating a very lovely girl.

‘If I can have you then I can have the whole world.’ Come on everyone, please copy down this sentence. It can be the golden words of love confession. 全世界, means the whole world. When we are making love confession, we can say that you are my whole world. ‘Since the day I fall in love with you, it’s been so easy to feel the sweetness.’ Starting from that day, it’s been so easy to feel the sweetness.

There is also another very considerate sentence of love confession, ‘I love you, but it’s nothing to do with you’, which means that although I love you, you don’t need to have the pressure and you don’t need to love me back. What you need to know is just that you are very good and you deserve to be loved.

After talking about some sentences of making a love confession, let’s talk about some sentences of rejecting love confession. If there is someone making a love confession to you but you don’t like him, apart from saying ‘I don’t like you’ directly, you can also try these sentences.

If we would like to reject the confession politely, we can say ‘you are very good, but I don’t want to be in a relationship yet’. This means that we are not ready for it yet. We can also friend-zone, ‘you are very good, but we are better to be friends’. Or we can say it directly, ‘I don’t think we fit each other well. We are not living in the same world.’ In the end, we can also add ‘hope you can find a better one/your cup of tea’.

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