#40 What social media do Chinese people use? 中国人用什么社交媒体?

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中国的网友也很喜欢看视频。在中国,年轻人喜欢用的视频网站是哔哩哔哩,大家都叫它B站。和Youtube一样,很多人都在这里分享自己的作品。不过有一点很不一样,在B站,大家可以发弹幕。什么是弹幕呢?大家在看视频的时候,可以随时发评论,评论就会实时飘在视频上。如果要看短视频,大家一般会去抖音,也就是Tik Tok。不过我个人非常不喜欢抖音,因为我的学生看了抖音后经常会模仿,做一些傻事,比如用口罩的绳子锯学校的桌子和椅子。



好啦,今天的MaoMi Chinese 就先到这里。你经常用什么社交媒体呢?欢迎在网站和Instagram上给我留言哦!

Hello everyone. Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese.

Social media is now almost the necessity of everyone. We use social media to communicate with other people, to share our lives and to know about news. In many countries, people use Facebook, Instagram,Twitter,WhatsApp,Snapchat,Youtube and so on. Many people may know that these foreign media are banned in Mainland China. If we want to use these social media, we need to use VPN. So what social media do Chinese people use? Let talk about it today.

First of all, the social media used by most people is Wechat.  It’s a bit like WhatsApp and Facebook. People mainly use Wechat for chatting. However, Wechat also has many functions, for example, ‘Friend Zone’, where people can share their lives but these can only be seen by their friends on Wechat. People can also use Wechat for payment. In China, mobile payment is super convenient. People just need to take their phone out and they will be able to go shopping, eat out, take a taxi and so on.

Weibo is also a very popular social media, and it is a bit like Twitter. Every day there is some top search news on Weibo, where people can read news and comment on the news. People can also use Weibo to share their lives. Most of the contents on Weibo are public and can be seen by both friends and strangers.

Chinese Internet users also like watching videos. In China, the website which Chinese young people like to use is Bilibili. People call it B site. Same as on youtube, many people share their video work on Bilibili. However, there is something really different. On B site, people can send Danmu. What is Danmu? When people are watching videos, they can send comments at any time, and the comments will float on the video in actual time. If people would like to watch short videos, they would go to Douyin, which is Tik Tok. But I personally don’t like Tiktok, because my students will imitate things on Tik Tok and do something silly, for example, using the string of masks to sew tables and chairs in school.

There is a social media called Zhihu, which is also used by many people. It’s like Quora. This is a social media about Q&A. If people have any questions, they can ask questions on Zhihu, and some users with experience will answer the questions.

If young people would like to date but can’t find boyfriends or girlfriends in real life, they might have to use dating apps. In many countries, people use Tinder, but in China, people normally use the two apps called Momo or Tantan. However…many people use Momo and Tantan for one-night stands and hooking up. Therefore, if we really want to look for real friends, I think we should go out more and meet more people!

That’s all about MaoMi Chinese today. What social media do you usually use? You are welcome to leave your comments on the website or our Instagram: MaoMi Chinese.

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  1. Really interesting and useful podcast. I learned a lot about social media and the text was just right. I could understand most but not all of it, so it stretched me and I learned quite a lot of new vocabulary.

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