#39 What do Chinese people do during National Holiday? 中国人国庆节做什么?

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好啦,今天的MaoMi Chinese 就先到这里。你放长假喜欢去做什么呢?你会去看家人,去旅游,还是宅在家里呢?欢迎在网站或者Instagram上和我分享哦!

Hello everyone. Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

Now it’s October. 1st October is Chinese National Day, which is a festival celebrating the founding of the People’s Republic of China. However, to most people, the most important thing about National Day is the 7-day holiday, and this holiday is also called ‘National Golden Week’. In fact, there aren’t many long holidays in China. Therefore, when autumn comes, Chinese people always look forward to National Golden Week, because they don’t have to work for a week.

So in National Golden Week what would people do? I asked my friends and there are 3 types (of activities):

Type 1, going back to hometown and visiting family. There are lots of big cities in China, where loads of people come from other places to work. They don’t have time to see their families during normal times. So on National Day, they would get tickets and go back to their hometown. But I also have many friends complaining that it is too hard to get train tickets during National Day because everyone is buying them. Therefore, they had to watch their phones at every moment to book train tickets.

Type 2, going out for travel. National Day holiday is a rarely long holiday, so many people will leave their homes and travel far away to have some fun. But the problem is, there are too many people in China and whenever it’s National Day Holiday, there are ‘people mountain people sea’ in tourism sites, for example, the Great Wall in Beijing, Leshan Giant Buddha site in Sichuan, West Lake in Hangzhou, etc. Every National Day there are loads of people queuing and you can’t really move.

Type 3, staying at home. Because there are many people outside on National Day, lots of people, especially young people, choose to stay at home. Zhái,means to stay at home. This meaning comes from Japanese, Otakuzuku, which means people who like staying at home and they also think it’s the most comfortable to stay at home. So of my friends make a joke, ‘every year on National Day I travel around China on social media’. They would rather stay home and look at other people’s pictures of travelling, than going out to places which are crowded.

Okay, that’s about it for MaoMi Chinese today. What do you like to do on a long holiday? Do you go to see your family, travel or stay at home? Leave your comments on the website of Instagram!

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