#38 Is it really difficult to buy a house in China? 在中国买房真的很难吗?

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大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese!今天,我们一起来聊一聊中国的房价,聊一聊普通人,到底能不能在中国买房。





那么,如果是你的话,你会在大城市买房子,还是在小城市买房子呢?或者,你打算租房子,还是买房子呢?欢迎在MaoMi Chinese 的网站或者Instagram上给我们留言哦!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese! Today let’s talk about the house price in China and if it’s possible at all for young people to buy a house in China.

In Chinese there’s an idiom called ‘clothes, food, living and outing’, which means ‘clothes people wear, food people eat, house people live and transport people take’. To most people, these 4 things should be the most important things in their lives. To Chinese people, ‘houses for living’ is especially important. We often see Chinese people complaining on the Internet, saying that houses are too expensive and they can’t afford to buy them. So, is it really that difficult to buy a house in China?

The answer to the question is ‘yes, but no. If you would like to buy houses in big cities in China, then yes, it is super hard. But if you would like to buy a house in a small city or the countryside in China, then no, it is actually quite easy. Words alone are no proof. Let’s have a look at some data!

Shenzhen city in Guangdong Province, China, is one of the cities with the highest salary, where people’s average salary is 10000 RMB a month, which is roughly 1000 pounds and 1500 dollars. But how much is the house price in Shenzhen? In Shenzhen city centre, the average house price is about 100,000 RMB per square meter, which is about 10,000 pounds per square meter and 15,000 dollars per square meter. In the suburban area in Shenzhen, the average house price is about 30,000 RMB per square meter, which is about 3000 pounds per square meter and 5000 dollars per square meter. A flat of 50 square meters in Shenzhen will cost at least 1.5 million RMB, and if people want to buy it in the city centre, they will need at least 5 million RMB. In another word, if a young person would like to buy a small flat of 50 square meters, he/she will need to work 150 months, which is 12.5 years without spending any money. So, do you understand why so many Chinese people often complain that they can’t afford a house?

So what if we don’t buy houses in big cities? That’s totally fine. In northeast China, there’s a city called Hegang, which is very famous for its low house price. In Hegang, people can spend just 20,000 to 30,000 RMB to buy a small flat. But why there aren’t many people go to buy houses in Hegang? It’s because, in many small cities like Hegang, lives are really boring. There are no places for shopping, for watching movies, and there aren’t good schools neither places for entertainment, therefore, many young people don’t like it. Although house price in big cities is very expensive, lives are really enriched and fun. Big cities also have lots of good resources, good schools, good hospitals and so on.

If it were you, would you buy houses in big cities, or small cities? Would you rent a house or buy a house? You are welcome to leave comments on MaoMi Chinese website or Instagram!

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