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#37 Emma Raducanu, a rising tennis star with diverse background 网球明星艾玛和她的多元背景

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大家好!欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese!





大家好,我想说谢谢。我希望你喜欢看我的网球,我现在特别特别开心。但是(should be 因为)我们赢了。再见,我爱你!


Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

If you are a sports fan and you watch tennis matches, you should have heard that an English girl Emma Raducanu won the US Open Tennis Championships. Emma loves smiling and her smile is also beautiful. This summer, she is the brightest star.

Emma was born in Canada. Her father is Romanian. Her mother is Chinese. When Emma was 2 years old, her family moved to UK and lived in Bromley, southeast London. Emma said that her mum often told her that hard working was very important, and self-discipline was very important. Her dad and mum have high expectation on her, but also love her a lot. When she was little, she was very shy, and therefore her parents let her do all kinds of sports, but her favorite is still tennis.

When she was in the school she got up everyday to practise tennis in tennis center until 8:45, when she went back to school. After school, she would still go to tennis center and practice. Although Emma spent 4 or 5 hours practising tennis, her academic learning has been always excellent.

Emma can also speak Chinese. Before covid, she went back to Shenyang, China every year and did training in China Sports College. In order to improve her reaction capacity, she often played Ping-Pong with Chinese Ping-Pong players. After winning the championship, she also talked in Chinese to thank her Chinese fans. Let’s listen to what Emma had said:

“Hello everyone. I want to say thank you. I hope you like watching me playing tennis. I am now really really happy, but (should be because) we won. Good-bye and I love you!”

What do you think? Her Chinese is quite fluent, isn’t it? The important qualities I can see from Emma is to enjoy the process of working hard. I hope I can enjoy working hard in learning Chinese with you, and enjoy the process of learning a language. Let’s work hard!

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