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#29 Go to prison Kris Wu! 坐牢吧,吴亦凡

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大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese。今天的话题比较严肃。最近,在中国和一些国家,很多人都在讨论吴亦凡,一个加拿大华人明星的性犯罪。今天我也想和大家聊一聊这件让人震惊的事。

吴亦凡,英文名字叫Kris Wu。1990年,他在中国南方的广州出生,10岁的时候和妈妈一起去了加拿大,加入了加拿大国籍。18岁的时候,他去了韩国,在韩国做练习生。2012年,他加入了韩国的组合EXO。在这以后,吴亦凡成为了很多人崇拜的明星。2014年,吴亦凡去了中国,在中国当说唱歌手,当演员。虽然很多人觉得他唱歌不好听,当演员演戏演得很烂,但是他依然有很多的粉丝, 依然在中国赚了很多钱。





Hello everyone. Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese. Today’s topic is pretty serious. Recently, in China and some other countries, many people have been discussing the sexual crime conducted by Kris Wu, a Canadian Chinese pop star. Today I would like to talk a bit about this shocking issue.

Wu Yifan, his English name is Kris Wu. He was born in 1990 in Guangzhou, south China. When he was 10, he went to Canada with his mum and got Canadian citizenship. When he was 18, he went to South Korea and became a trainee. In 2012, he became of member of the South Korean Pop Star band EXO. After that, Kris Wu became a superstar admired by many people. In 2014, Kris Wu went to China and became a rapper and actor in China. Although lots of people think his singing is bad and his acting is terrible, he still has many fans and has made lots of money in China.

In recent days, there was a lady called Du Meizhu announced on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform) that Kris Wu found her and wanted her to be the heroine in his MV. Later on, Kris Wu asked Du Meizhu to drink alcohol with him and his friends. Du was drunk, and Wu raped her. At that time, Du was only 18 years old. Additionally, Wu has also committed sexual crimes against many women, including some teenagers. These words shocked and appalled everyone. This issue also raised lots of discussions, for example, what is sexual consent? If two people are boyfriend and girlfriend, does it still count as a sexual crime?

Some people said that Du drank alcohol with Wu and did not say ‘no’ and did not resist, so this is not rape and not a sexual crime! I totally disagree. This is rape and this is a sexual crime! I think we should all confirm that not resisting does not mean giving consent. It does not mean giving consent. It does not mean giving consent. This is something important so I have to say it 3 times.

Now the police are still investigating Wu’s issue. Some of Wu’s fans are still supporting him. Some people said that Du was not a good one as she as a woman went to Wu’s place and drink alcohol at midnight and she deserved it. I am very confused. Are these people insane? We are talking about Wu’s sexual crime and is there anything to do with if Du is a good guy or not? All I want to say is that we don’t need a perfect victim. All we need is to send the criminal to prison.

I would like to tell all the victims that you are not alone, and please don’t feel ashamed. The person who should be really ashamed is Kris Wu.

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