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#28 Jay Chou – The King of Chinese pop 周杰伦-中国流行音乐之王

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大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese。今天我想和大家聊一聊一个家喻户晓的歌星:周杰伦。你跟任何一个中国人说起周杰伦,他们一定都会知道,也都会唱一两句他的歌。






青花瓷,blue and white porcelain,是中国很有名的东西,也让我们想起了中国的古代,想起了古代的爱情故事。这也是我最喜欢的一首歌之一。

好啦,今天和大家分享了我最喜欢的歌星之一。你们喜欢哪一个歌星呢?欢迎在MaoMi Chinese 的网站上给我们留言哦!

Hello everyone. Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese. Today I would like to talk something about a pop song singer who is known by every household, Jay Chou. If you talk to any Chinese people about Jay Chou, they definitely know him, and can also sing some of his songs.

“When you don’t know what music to listen to, Jay Chou is always the best choice.” This is agreed by loads of Chinese young people. Jay Chou was born in 1979. He loves music a lot, as well as playing the piano. He can play the piano especially well. In 2000, when he was 21 years old, Jay Chou published his first CD. He wrote the music and the lyrics by himself. His songs were really popular among young people. Let’s listen to his song which was written when he was 21 years old.

When Jay Chou was 14, his dad and mum got divorced. He firstly lived with his dad, and when he was 18, he started to live with his mum. Jay Chou was very closed to his mum. When he was little, other children could play but his mum made him practise the piano. At first, he was not happy, but gradually he understood why his mum did that. Therefore, he wrote a song to his mum, which is called “Listen to What Mum Said”. Let’s listen together.

Jay Chou has various styles in his music, classic, American folk, R&B and so on. He also made special music, traditional Chinese style. Let’s listen to his most famous Chinese-style song, “Blue and White Porcelain”

Blue and white porcelain is something very famous in China. It also reminds us of ancient China and ancient romantic stories. This is also one of my favourite songs.

Okay. Today I have shared my favourite pop song singer with you. Who is your favourite pop song singer? Welcome to leave comments on our website!

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