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#18 Teenagers damaging school chairs with masks 青少年用口罩破坏学校椅子

Podcast Transcript

大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese。今天是MaoMi Chinese的第十八集——青少年用口罩破坏学校椅子。








第二个,破坏,to damage。比如,一些英国中学生用口罩破坏学校的椅子。

第三个,社交媒体,social media。比如,一些年轻人在社交媒体上浪费了太多时间。




Hi everyone. Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese. Today it’s episode 18 of MaoMi Chinese – Teenagers damaging school chairs with masks.

Older listeners to the podcast know that I am a Chinese teacher in a school in England. Recently in the school, something happened which made me feel very angry and speechless. Some students used the string of mask to saw through the plastic chairs. This kind of behaviour is just so silly!

In England, there are many schools where this happened. The reason is someone did this on 抖音,which is called Tiktok outside of China. Tiktok is a social media app used by many people. At the beginning, an English boy sawed his school plastic chair by using the string of his mask. He filmed the video and uploaded it to Tiktok. After that, more and more students did the same thing.

If you asked me my opinion on it, I just want to say that this is so stupid and pointless! When I was still a student I also did some silly things, but sawing chairs and damaging public property? Don’t they have something else to do?

This February when England was still in lockdown, I had to deliver online lessons to my students. At that time, something happened that made me very mad. On Tiktok, some people encourage school children to publish their school account. Then these people can access their online lessons with their student accounts and messed around. In one of my Chinese lessons, this thing took place. Some people used my students’ account to enter my online lessons and sweared and played music. Even though this happened long time ago I am still furious!

I hope some Tiktok users can have some sort of conscience. I beg you – please be a normal human being! If you meet some people who made you angry and furious, you can also use this sentence. This is an ironic way of saying.

At last let’s have a look at today’s vocab and expressions!

First, speechless, for example, my boss has made me work overtime for a month. That just made me speechless!

Second, to damage, for example, some English secondary school students damaged school chair with masks.

Third, social media, for example, some young people waste too much time on social medias.

Fourth, stupid, for example, we should use our brain and stop doing stupid things.

Fifth, furious, means very very angry. When I knew that some of my students damaged school chair with their masks, I was furious.

Sixth, just be a normal human being! Don’t do this stupid thing anymore!

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