#169 The barista who attacked his customer in China 一个疯了的咖啡师

In a chained cafe in China, a barista had a quarrel with his customer simply because the customer complaint that the coffee was too slow… What is the reason behind this story? 

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Perhaps everyone who works needs coffee. Many people must have a cup of coffee every day to work well. In China, there are more and more coffee shops. Recently, there was a coffee shop where the baristas went “crazy”, scolding and even hitting their customers. What on earth is happening? Today, let’s discuss it together.


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This coffee shop is called Manner, a chain of coffee shops. A chain means there are many similar stores. The coffee at Manner is cheap and tasty, about twenty yuan a cup. Many people like to buy coffee at Manner, and Manner has opened many chain stores. However, recently, there have been arguments between baristas and customers at one Manner coffee shop, and a fight with a customer at another Manner coffee shop. This is all because customers complained that the baristas were too slow and they had been waiting a long time for their coffee. “Complain” means telling someone’s boss that they are not doing a good job.


Are Manner’s baristas really slow? No, the baristas at Manner are not slow, but they are too busy. To earn more money, the company often only arrange one barista to a Manner coffee shop. A barista works eight hours a day and makes about five hundred cups of coffee. If customers complain that they are slow, they will be fined. If they need to go to the toilet, they can only go for ten minutes. There is a timer in the coffee shop when the barista goes to the toilet. If the barista doesn’t come back after ten minutes, they will also be fined. Their salary is not high, only about five thousand yuan a month.


How can baristas work like machines? People are not machines; people get tired, get upset, and need breaks. If people are made to work like machines, they will definitely go crazy. On social medias, Chinese netizens ask, “Baristas work so hard every day, but only earn five thousand yuan a month. Manner Coffee has so many chains and has earned so much money, where does it all go?”


What do you think on where does all this money go? How do you feel about the baristas going “crazy” because of their work? Feel free to leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

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