#168 A new way of saving money in China 省钱新方法

We don’t necessarily need to have many friends, but we must have friends! There are many types of friends (fair-weather friends, besties, close friends, and even friends with benefit). How to say them in Chinese? Check it out in today’s episode!

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很多东西都可以省,但是学习的时间不可以省。谢谢Maayot Chinese赞助了今天的播客。Maayot Chinese是一个网上的中文学校,可以给我们定时发送一些学中文的材料,帮我们养成学中文的好习惯。如果你感兴趣,那就试试看吧!




如果我们还是很想去饭馆吃饭,但是又想省钱,那么我们可以怎么做呢?在中国,你可以用一些APP来团购。团购,意思是Group Buying。最有名的团购的APP是“美团”。很多饭馆在美团上有团购。用团购在饭馆吃饭更便宜,因为用团购的人很多,饭馆也愿意卖得更便宜。比如,你在一个饭馆吃饭,想吃套餐,原来的价钱要三百元,但是如果你打开手机,在美团上团购,你可能只需要花两百五十元。





Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!


This year, because the global economy isn’t doing well, many people have started saving money. For example, instead of spending a lot of money on gym memberships, we now exercise at home, saving a lot of money. In China, how do people save money? Today, let’s chat about how we can save money while living in China.


There are many ways to save money, but time for learning should not be compromised. Thank you to Maayot Chinese for sponsoring today’s podcast. Maayot Chinese is an online Chinese school that sends us Chinese learning materials regularly, helping us develop good habits in learning Chinese. If you’re interested, give it a try!


One of the most important ways to save money, as some online friends say, is to stop buying unnecessary things. For instance, many people like to buy new clothes not because they need them, but because they want them. Previously, we might have often dined out, but now we cook at home more often because cooking at home is cheaper and saves money.


If we still want to dine out but also want to save money, what can we do? In China, you can use some apps for 团购 (group buying). Group buying, as the name suggests, means buying together in a group. The most famous group buying app is “Meituan”. Many restaurants offer discounts on Meituan. Using group buying makes dining out cheaper because many people doing group buying, and restaurants are willing to sell at lower prices. For example, if you want to have a meal set that originally costs 300 yuan at a restaurant, but if you open your phone and use Meituan for group buying, you might only need to spend 250 yuan.


Eating out using group buying saves money. If we want to shop online, how can we save money? Many people would say: 拼单(bulk purchases)! What does that mean? 拼单is very similar to 团购. If you happen to want to buy the same thing as someone else, you can group purchase together. Because stores can sell more, group purchases also make things cheaper. In China, there are also some apps for group purchases, with the best one being “Pinduoduo”. Pinduoduo offers many discounts, and on Pinduoduo, you can also group purchase with other online users to buy things more cheaply.


In your country, are people more willing to save money now or spend more? How do people save money? Feel free to leave us a comment and share your thoughts!

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