#149 GOAT or Slacker of Learning? 学神还是学渣?

大家好!欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese!在146期,我们聊了松弛学习者,和焦虑学习者。后来,有听众在Instagram上问我:“我的一个中国朋友常常说他是学渣,你能说说什么是‘学渣’吗?”当然没问题!学生或者年轻人常常说“我是学渣”“我是学弱”“他是学霸”“他是学神”。这些和学习有关的词语都是什么意思呢?今天,我们一起来聊一聊吧!

中国的学生们常常把他们分成四种人: 学渣(Slacker of Learning),学弱(Weaker of Learning),学霸(King of Learning/Straight-A student),学神(GOAT of Learning/super talented student)。他们有什么不一样呢?非常简单,你只需要看成绩和努力。如果一个学生不努力,很懒,而且成绩很不好,那么,他可能会说:“我是一个学渣。”如果一个学生虽然很努力,但是成绩还是很差,那么,他可能会说:“我是一个学弱。”如果一个学生很努力,成绩也很好,那么,其他学生会说:“这是我们的学霸! ”如果一个学生虽然不努力,但是成绩还是很好,那么,其他学生会说:“看!这是我们的学神!学神好聪明! ”




Hello, everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese! In episode 146, we talked about relaxed learners and anxious learners. Later, a listener on Instagram asked me, “My Chinese friend often says he’s a ‘学渣’ (learning slacker). Can you explain what ‘学渣’ means?” Sure, no problem! Students or young people often say phrases like “I’m a 学渣” (learning slacker), “I’m a 学弱” (weaker learner), “He’s a 学霸” (straight-A student), “He’s a 学神” (super talented student). What do these learning-related terms mean? Today, let’s discuss them together!

Chinese students often categorize themselves into four types: 学渣 (Slacker of Learning), 学弱 (Weaker of Learning), 学霸 (King of Learning/Straight-A student), and 学神 (GOAT of Learning/super talented student). What sets them apart? It’s quite simple—just look at their grades and effort. If a student is not putting in effort, very lazy, and has bad grades, they might say, “I am a 学渣.” If a student works hard but still has poor grades, they might say, “I am a 学弱.” If a student works hard and has good grades, other students would say, “That’s our 学霸!” If a student, despite not putting in much effort, still achieves high grades, others might say, “Look! That’s our 学神! The 学神 is so smart!”

Please note that it’s generally impolite to call someone a “学渣” or “学弱.” However, students might refer to themselves as such in a self-deprecating manner. Self-deprecation involves making fun of oneself. Students would also not call themselves “学霸” or “学神” as it can be seen as too arrogant. In Chinese culture, people generally do not appreciate arrogance. However, it’s acceptable to refer to others as “学霸” or “学神.”

If faced with a challenging math problem, a 学渣 wouldn’t attempt it because they are too lazy. A 学弱 would spend a long time trying to solve it, asking many people for help, and although they work hard, success is not guaranteed. A 学霸 would take some time to think about the problem and might say, “Actually, it’s not that difficult.” A 学神, after solving the problem, wouldn’t feel particularly special because they consider it normal.

学渣 lacks enthusiasm for learning and isn’t interested in studying. 学弱 puts in a lot of effort in learning but often uses ineffective methods. 学霸 knows how to study efficiently, and 学神 knows how to generalize from one subject to another. In reality, I think everyone’s learning style is different. 学渣 just hasn’t found a passion for learning yet, and 学弱 hasn’t found the right learning method. What type of student were you when you were younger?

4 thoughts on “#149 GOAT or Slacker of Learning? 学神还是学渣?”

  1. 在小学和中学时,人们通常说我是一个学神。然后在高中时我变了一个学渣,最后在大学我就是一个学弱哈哈

  2. 尊敬的老师,我每个星期听你的博客, 谢谢你每次介绍非常有意思的话题。但是关于学神有一个误解:英文的 god是神,goat是羊 所以看题目句子真奇怪 Are you a goat of learning?

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