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#148 No time for New Year Resolution, but time for phone! 没时间做正事,有时间刷手机?

大家好!欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese!

首先,祝大家新年快乐!2021年1月,MaoMi Chinese开始了第一期,到现在已经三年了。我想和你们说,真的非常非常感谢你们。因为有你们,每一个星期的MaoMi Chinese都让我很快乐,也让我觉得很有意义。2023年结束了,2024年开始了。新的一年,你有什么新年计划呢?每到新年,我们都喜欢做一个新年计划,也就是新的一年,我们要做的事情。每一年,我的新年计划都很多,但是,我发现每一年我都完成不了。我总是会说:“啊那是因为我真的太忙了! ”可是,我也花了很多时间刷手机。为什么会这样呢?我们要怎么样,才可以更好地花时间完成我们的新年计划,而不是浪费时间刷手机呢?今天我们一起来聊一聊吧!


第一,我们可以做每天的计划。一说到做计划,我们可能就会写下今天要做的事情。但是,但是,先等一等!除了今天要做的事情,我们也可以写做这个事情的时间。比如,这是我每个周日的计划:花一个小时,做MaoMi Chinese。这样,我就知道,这一个小时里,我只能做MaoMi Chinese,不能做其他的事情。你也可以写:今天,学中文半个小时。也就是说,这半个小时里,你只能学中文,不能分心做其他的事情。




Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

First of all, I wish you all a Happy New Year! MaoMi Chinese started its first phase in January 2021, and now it’s been three years. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you. Because of you, every week of MaoMi Chinese brings me joy and a sense of purpose. 2023 has ended, and 2024 has begun. What are your plans for the new year? As the new year arrives, we all like to make New Year’s resolutions, outlining what we want to achieve in the coming year. Every year, I have many resolutions, but I find it challenging to fulfill them. I often say, “Oh, it’s because I’m really too busy!” However, I also spend a lot of time on my phone. Why does this happen? How can we better spend our time accomplishing our New Year’s resolutions instead of wasting time on our phones? Let’s discuss it together today!

Do you, like me, often feel that your phone steals your time? Do you, like me, frequently get distracted by your phone? I’ve tried many methods, such as using an old phone that can only make calls and send texts. Although I use my phone less, I still get distracted. When reading, I can’t help but water the plants. When studying, I can’t resist watching the news on TV. At these moments, I realize it’s not the phone’s problem; it’s my problem – I lack patience. Moreover, I fear loneliness, the fear of being alone. It’s this fear that makes us unconsciously scroll through our phones and social media. So, what should we do? I want to share my methods with you.

Firstly, we can make daily plans. When we talk about planning, we may jot down what we need to do today. However, hold on a moment! In addition to listing tasks, we can also specify the time for each task. For example, here’s my plan for every Sunday: spend one hour doing MaoMi Chinese. This way, I know that during that hour, I can only focus on MaoMi Chinese and nothing else. You can also write: study Chinese for half an hour today. In other words, during that half-hour, you can only focus on learning Chinese and not get distracted.

Secondly, when you feel the urge to get distracted, wait a moment. When I find myself wanting to check my phone, I make myself wait. I ask myself, why do I want to check my phone? Is it because I’m feeling lonely right now? At this point, I realize that if I check my phone, I’ll still be lonely, and after checking, I’ll feel even lonelier. This way, I gradually stop getting distracted.

Thirdly, believe in your own strength. We need to believe that we are humans, not tools. Phones are tools, and we are the users. We should not let tools control us. Do you agree?

This year, do you believe you can achieve your New Year’s resolutions?

11 thoughts on “#148 No time for New Year Resolution, but time for phone! 没时间做正事,有时间刷手机?”

  1. 我 开始 听 这 个 poke 三 年 了。 特别 喜欢, 有 很多 特色 的 话题。 我发现 了 我的 汉语 水平 慢慢 提高了。
    非常感谢 Maomi Chinese 的poke

    1. Thank you for this. A good way to start year. My resolution is to stay more focused in study. So easy to reach for phone!

  2. Happy New Year!
    Thank you for the great content! So many suggestions (topic-wise or even when it comes to website-design!) are reconsidered by you. It is fun as a listener to decide what might be next, and also a great motivation-booster. We can feel all your hard work.
    Greetings from Germany, Leni 🙂

  3. 新年快乐-你的网站太棒了!这是首先次我感觉我可以读了中文的内容哪也是很有意思。很多谢谢对你!

  4. 我是特別晚但還想說新年快樂。我最近發現你的廣播。感覺特別有用。我打算聼每集。對這個課的話題,對我來説這是一個過程。首先徹底排除了社交媒體。要麽排除不近的朋友們要麽排除完全的app。然後安裝了阻止分心的網站的瀏覽器plugin。以後我越來越瞭解這些app對我的生活沒有好處。

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