#145 不去夜宵,去夜校 No Midnight Snack, Go to Night School!

大家好,欢迎回来MaoMi Chinese!到了晚上你会做什么呢?看书,看电影,看电视,还是吃夜宵?夜宵,就是晚饭以后吃的东西。中国人太喜欢夜宵了,每天晚上,你都会看到很多人在饭馆吃夜宵。最近有点儿不一样了。很多中国年轻人不去夜宵,但是开始去夜校了!夜校,就是夜晚的学校。年轻人怎么会喜欢去夜校了呢?难道小的时候在学校还不够累吗?今天我们一起来聊一聊吧!





Hello, everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese! What do you usually do in the evening? Read a book, watch a movie, TV, or indulge in a night snack? Night snack refers to something eaten after dinner. Chinese people love night snacks so much that every night you’ll see many people eating at restaurants. However, something is changing recently. Many young Chinese are not going for night snacks anymore; instead, they are heading to night school! Night school, as the name suggests, is a school that operates in the evening. How did young people develop an interest in night school? Weren’t they tired enough from school during their younger years? Let’s discuss it together today!

Night schools have been around in China for a long time. The earliest night school was established in 1913 by Mao Zedong. At that time, many people were illiterate—unable to read at all. Poverty prevented them from attending school, so they couldn’t learn to read. In the 1980s, during China’s reform and opening-up period, there were many opportunities and hopes. To keep up with the times, many young people started attending night school after work. Later, as more and more young people went to college, the number of people attending night school dwindled.

Today, night school is “hot” again, becoming popular once more. Why do young people like going to night school? I asked some netizens, and some said, “I live alone, and after work, I don’t feel like going home because I don’t know what to do there. I also don’t want to go out because I don’t have many friends. When I see there’s a night school, I think, why not go to night school! Not only can I talk to others, but I can also learn something.” Others mentioned, “Night school classes are inexpensive, about 50 yuan per class, and you can learn new skills—it’s great.” Some also added, “The night school near my home offers a variety of courses like English, guitar, tai chi, photography, art, and more. Besides learning skills, you can also exercise and make new friends. It’s much healthier than going out for food and drinks.”

In summary, young people like going to night school for these reasons: first, it’s affordable to learn at night school; second, night schools offer a variety of courses, providing many choices for young people; third, attending night school allows for both learning and socializing. Many young people in the city are single and don’t live with their families, so night school becomes an opportunity to make new friends. Fourth, many young people want to acquire new skills to enhance their career opportunities.

Although there are increasing night schools in cities, the class schedules often fall on weekdays. Many netizens ask, “When will there be weekend night schools? We often have to work overtime and don’t have time to attend night classes during weekdays.” It seems like there are still plenty of opportunities in China’s night school market.

3 thoughts on “#145 不去夜宵,去夜校 No Midnight Snack, Go to Night School!”

  1. Hello!

    Very interesting topic, I’d love to have something similar in my country, but here it is super expensive to join evening classes.

    One request: It would be awesome to press the play/pause button anytime. This way we could repeat the sentence after you without scrolling up and down. Not sure if it is possible,but i would highly appreciate it :D.

    Thanks for all your work, my chinese friends keep telling me how much better i got and im super proud 🙂

  2. 唉 对我这个美国人来说,我觉得这个博客的话题是特别有意思。在美国,无论是课程,大学还是任何类型的学校,都很便宜。看这个文章以后我意识到我放学后很想去上一些课。或许有一天在美国夜宵会更便宜。

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