#144 Your Christmas decorations come from this Chinese town 你的圣诞装饰来自这个中国小城

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Do you like to buy souvenirs when you travel? Christmas is coming soon, have you started buying Christmas decorations? The souvenirs you buy, Christmas decorations, and various daily necessities likely come from the small Chinese city of Yiwu. People often say that China is the world’s factory. In fact, Yiwu is also the world’s supermarket. Where is Yiwu? Why is it a global supermarket? What does it sell? How cheap is it? Today, let’s chat about it together!

Where is Yiwu? It is in the southeast of China, in Zhejiang Province. In Zhejiang Province, there is a city called Jinhua, and Yiwu is located within Jinhua. Yiwu has a small commodity city with 2.1 million types of products and 75,000 stores. Approximately 210,000 people come here every day to browse and shop. Yiwu’s small commodity city is very large. If you stop in one store for 3 minutes and spend eight hours a day, it would take you about a year to see all the stores.

Not only does Yiwu have a wide variety of products, but they are also very affordable. If you want to sell something, you can come to Yiwu for wholesale and then retail it. Wholesale means buying a lot at once, making it cheap, while retail means selling items one by one. Many people in China come to Yiwu for wholesale. How cheap are things in Yiwu? Pants that sell for 30 to 50 yuan in the market wholesale for only 3 yuan in Yiwu. Coats that cost two to three hundred yuan wholesale for only 20 yuan in Yiwu. Necklaces and earrings that young girls love, which cost around twenty to thirty yuan in regular stores, wholesale for only 0.2 yuan in Yiwu. Luggage that sells for several hundred or even a thousand yuan in regular stores wholesale for only 50 yuan in Yiwu. It’s really so cheap!

Not only do Chinese people come to Yiwu for wholesale, but people from all over the world also come to Yiwu for wholesale. For example, many Christmas decorations are wholesale from Yiwu. Things we buy on Amazon or ebay also often come from Yiwu. For instance, a bowl that costs five dollars on Amazon might cost less than one yuan in Yiwu. People don’t even need to come to Yiwu, as many Yiwu stores are online, and people can wholesale products online, and soon the goods will be delivered.

I guess you must be wondering now, what items in your home are from Yiwu? How much did you spend on buying these things? If you find them, please do leave us a comment!

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  1. This is a wonderful class, thank you so much for all the care and time you put into this. It’s an amazing learning experience to be able to listen, read and translate at the same time. Xie xie.

  2. 我的家裡大概沒有來自義烏的恭喜因為我不喜歡買裝飾品。卻我的老家一定有哈哈

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