#141 We have enough pre-packaged meals! 预制菜吃够了!

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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

Do you usually eat prepackaged meals? Prepackaged meals are dishes that are already prepared, and all you need to do at home is put them in the microwave and heat them up. Although prepackaged meals may not be very fresh, they are very convenient. Many people have busy jobs and no time to cook, so they buy prepackaged meals from convenience stores. Recently, people have discovered that some expensive restaurants also use prepackaged meals. Many of the takeout meals people often eat are also prepackaged. Now, when many people mention prepackaged meals, they find them quite unpleasant. Why is that? Today, let’s discuss it together.

If you search for prepackaged meals on the Chinese shopping website Taobao, you’ll definitely find a lot of meal kits, which are prepackaged meals. You’ll also be surprised because these prepackaged meals are very cheap! You can even find many famous Chinese dishes. For example, braised pork, shredded pork with garlic sauce, and saliva chicken… Anything you can think of, you can buy. These meal kits cost only about five Chinese yuan per package. You just need to heat them up, and you’re ready to eat. That sounds great! Very convenient!

But why do people dislike prepackaged meals so much? In fact, people don’t dislike prepackaged meals; they dislike some of the people who use prepackaged meals. Some restaurants and takeout places buy very cheap prepackaged meals, heat them up in their kitchens, and then sell them at high prices. For example, we go to a restaurant, order a serving of braised pork for fifty yuan, but the restaurant uses prepackaged meals that cost only five yuan. This way, the restaurant can make the most money, but what we’re eating is not the best quality food.

Many Chinese people believe that when we go to a restaurant, it’s because we want to eat fresh food. If a restaurant uses prepackaged meals, it’s a deception. Moreover, prepackaged meals are not particularly healthy because they are made in factories and often contain a lot of salt and sugar, making them very flavorful but not very good for our health.

So, how can we tell if a restaurant is using prepackaged meals? First, if you order a dish and it arrives very quickly, it’s very likely to be prepackaged because a chef needs time to prepare a delicious dish. Second, many restaurants allow people to see into the kitchen, and these restaurants generally don’t use prepackaged meals because they know the customers are watching.

Are there prepackaged meals in your country? What are your thoughts on prepackaged meals? Please feel free to leave us a message and share your opinion!

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