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#14 A Day of Louie the Cat 六一的一天 (Listening Practice)

Podcast Transcript

1 How old is Louie in human age? 如果六一是人,他今年多少岁?

2 What does Louie do in the garden after breakfast? 六一吃完早饭以后在花园做什么?

3 Where does he go and what does he do in the late morning? 六一上午去哪儿?做什么?

4 When his owner is watching TV, what does Louie do? 他的主人在看电视的时候,六一在做什么?











My name is liù yī, and my English name is Louie. I just had my 5th birthday. What? You asked me how old I would be if I were a human? Let me think… about 37 years old!

I live in England. I am now 6 kilograms and shall be the strongest cat in the community! No cats can bully me.

Every day for me is super busy. Let me tell you about it-

At 8 o’clock in the early morning, I need to go to the bedroom to wake up my owner, and then my owner will give me breakfast. After finishing my breakfast, I need to go to the garden, take a walk and eat my grass.

In the late morning, I either go back to the bedroom or stay in the living room. Are you asking what I need to do? Sleep, of course! 12 o’clock is my lunchtime! I like chicken or beef the most.

If it’s sunny, after my lunch I will go to the garden to sunbathe. Before I would catch birds in the garden, but my owner would get very angry, so I will never catch birds again.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I go to the front door and stay there. My guarding work starts! The human race has no claws, no weapons. If I don’t protect them, who else will?

In the evening, after finishing my dinner, I stay on the sofa watching TV with my owner. She watches TV and I sleep.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, my owner goes to sleep. What do I do? If it’s not raining, I will go out and see if there are any other cats who enter my territory. If it’s raining… I will continue sleeping!

This is my day. I said I am very busy and now you know it.


  • 大概 about, approximately
  • 欺负 to bully
  • 主人 owner
  • 睡觉 to sleep
  • 守卫 to guard
  • 保护 to protect
  • 早上 morning
  • 上午 late morning
  • 中午 noon
  • 晚上 evening


要么……要么…… either … or…

如果+condition, Subject+就…… if…someone would/will…

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