#139 Young Chinese Go Crazy 当代年轻人发疯实录

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Sometimes, I browse social media. Lately, I often see some things about young people going crazy on social media. Now, it seems like it has become a trend to claim you’re going crazy online, especially among many young people who like to share their experiences of going crazy. Are they really going crazy? What does it mean to go crazy for them? Why are they doing it? Today, let’s talk about this.

Among young people in China, “going crazy” has become a kind of internet trend. Some young people say, “Rather than staying silent, it’s better to go crazy.” What they mean is that they feel that going crazy is better than keeping quiet. In reality, they aren’t actually going crazy; they are simply being themselves. In Chinese culture, we are supposed to stay calm, respect others, be polite, and speak nicely. However, the pressure on young people nowadays is immense. Students stay up all night studying for exams, and young professionals work long hours (9-9-6) to earn a living, leading to various kinds of stress. In their daily lives, they may not have an outlet for this stress and emotion, so they often express themselves by going crazy online.

For example, if their food delivery is late, they might send a long message to the delivery person: “Why haven’t you delivered my food? I know I’m not good enough, and I’ve been bothering you. My heart is broken, I can’t eat well, I can’t sleep well. You don’t care about me at all. Your heart is like a stone, and you’ve made me so sad…” The delivery person might find this very strange because they don’t know this person, and they think this person must be going crazy. But for these young people, going crazy is a way to release their emotions. In real life, they have to be careful about what they say and do, so they find it fun and relaxing to go crazy and say nonsense online.

Sometimes, young people may also do some crazy things. For example, one internet user mentioned that they quit their job and even scolded their boss because they found their boss annoying. They felt very happy because they thought that before, they couldn’t control their own lives, but this time, they could be in charge. In conclusion, young people in China are going crazy because life’s pressures are overwhelming, and going crazy is just a way to release their emotions.

In your country, do young people face significant pressure? How do they cope with it? Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “#139 Young Chinese Go Crazy 当代年轻人发疯实录”

  1. 在我国家里压力也很大。因为压力大人们就很生气也没有礼貌。这就是太不愉快了。我生气的时候我不会对人大喊大叫。我就去没有人的自然地方在那里尖叫。这是我的情绪的出口。

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