#137 Authentic ways of using ‘swipe’谈谈“刷”

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If you often look at Chinese social media, you may see this character: 刷 (shuā). In the dictionary, 刷 is an action, such as brushing the floor, painting, and so on. However, now “刷” has more meanings, and these words related to swiping are very interesting. Today, we’re going to talk about “刷” (shuā).

When we buy things, we can pay with cash or use a credit card. When using a credit card, we can say: “刷卡” (shuā kǎ). For example, the waiter may ask you, “Cash or card?” You can say, “I’ll swipe my card, thank you.”

Now, many people like to play with their phones, and sometimes people can play on their phones for several hours. Apart from saying “play with the phone,” we can also say “刷手机” (shuā shǒujī) because we use our fingers to swipe on the phone’s screen. We can say, “I originally wanted to go to bed early today, but before going to sleep, I swiped my phone, and as soon as I swiped, two hours passed. When I put down my phone, it was already 1 AM.” Besides saying “swipe the phone,” we can also swipe a social media platform like “swipe Instagram,” “swipe Weibo,” “swipe WeChat,” and so on.

Sometimes, people will post the same things on social media. At such times, what we see on the phone or computer screen is also the same thing. This is called “刷屏” (shuā píng). For example, we can say, “This singer is going to have a concert, and his fans are sending the same message on social media to cheer for him.”

Nowadays, many phones can do facial recognition, and we can say this is “刷脸” (shuā liǎn). For example, we can say, “This university has implemented facial recognition, so students and teachers can enter the campus just by swiping their faces.” Sometimes, swiping the face can also refer to someone being famous, so they can easily go to many restaurants. For example, “She is a celebrity; she can swipe her face and go to many restaurants.”

Can you write a sentence using the words you learned today? Feel free to leave us a comment to share!

2 thoughts on “#137 Authentic ways of using ‘swipe’谈谈“刷””

  1. What a coincidence, I just saw 刷脸 for the first time today when entering a supermarket in Hangzhou.
    I think it will be a good choice to spend days on your website because it is very interesting for learning.

  2. 我今天本来想早点睡觉,但是一刷手机就是两个小时了。停不了。我都想刷社交媒体看朋友们有什么消息

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