#135 ‘Have you worked hard enough?’ Chinese celebrity caused public outcry

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最近,一个澳大利亚公司的CEO Tim Gurner也说了这样的话:“工人们太傲慢了。一些工人的工资很高,但是他们做得还不够多。”人们也很生气。为什么一些有钱人总是对普通人没有同理心呢?你怎么看?欢迎在评论区给我们留言哦!

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Recently in China, something a celebrity said has caught the attention of many people, even stirred anger. This individual is the internet streamer Li Jiaqi. While selling cosmetics during a live broadcast, a netizen commented that the cosmetics were becoming more expensive. Li Jiaqi responded, “These are not expensive! You think they’re expensive because you haven’t worked hard enough, and your salary hasn’t increased.” After he said this, people became extremely angry. Chinese people have always considered hard work to be important, so why do they disagree with what Li Jiaqi said? Today, let’s discuss it together.

Li Jiaqi is the most famous internet streamer in China. He has over 30 million followers. When he goes live, he often sells products worth over 5 million RMB, sometimes even up to 100 million RMB. Due to his immense influence, many businesses approach him, hoping he’ll promote their products during his live broadcasts. However, this time, Li Jiaqi made a blunder. “Making a blunder” in internet slang means messing up something. On the evening of September 10th, Li Jiaqi was selling a cosmetic product during a live stream. At that moment, a netizen commented that the cosmetics were becoming increasingly expensive. Li Jiaqi, upon hearing this, became angry and said, “Sometimes, you should reflect on yourself. Have you worked diligently over the years? Has your salary not increased?” This statement infuriated many people, and they couldn’t accept what he said. Subsequently, Li Jiaqi lost over a million followers.

Why did everyone get so angry? I believe there are several reasons. First, Li Jiaqi lacked empathy towards the netizens. Empathy means understanding someone else’s feelings. People felt that Li Jiaqi was too arrogant and couldn’t understand the difficulties faced by netizens. Second, in recent years, China’s economy has faced significant pressure. People want higher wages, but the reason they can’t get them isn’t due to a lack of hard work but because of the poor economy. Li Jiaqi, who is already wealthy, couldn’t grasp the difficulties faced by netizens.

Recently, the CEO of an Australian company, Tim Gurner, also made similar remarks: “Workers are too arrogant. Some workers have high wages, but they don’t work enough.” People were also angry. Why do some wealthy people always seem to lack empathy for ordinary people? What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave us comments.

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  1. 类似的情况在大流行病期间经常出现,经济条件较差的人开始整天与家人呆在家里,而名人则在社交媒体上为他们提供建议–从而夸耀自己的别墅。

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