#130 Magical City Chongqing 魔幻重庆

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Some listeners have told me that they’ve been seeing a lot of Chongqing, China on TikTok lately, with its light rail trains passing through skyscrapers. This is truly magical! “Magical” means something is very amazing and unreal. On TikTok, Chongqing has become a popular city. In fact, in China, Chongqing is also a popular city. “Internet famous” means it’s very popular online. Today, let’s chat about Chongqing, a popular city in China and a magical city as well.

Chongqing is located in southwestern China. It’s situated by the Yangtze River and surrounded by many mountains, so people also call it the “Mountain City.” And because Chongqing often has foggy weather, people also call it the “Foggy City.” Just imagine, a city on mountains often covered in mist – sounds like a city from a magical story, doesn’t it?

Because Chongqing has so many mountains, many houses are built on them. If you visit Chongqing, you’ll find yourself going up and down slopes frequently. Chongqing’s transportation is also quite complex. In many places, you can see the light rail passing through buildings. Sometimes, roads are built on top of buildings, and you might see cars driving on roads above you. People say that drivers are most afraid of driving in Chongqing because it’s very hard not to get lost. They say Chongqing is a complicated city, and that’s partly because of its complex transportation.

Chongqing’s magical feel also comes from its scenery and culture. The Yangtze River is one of China’s most important rivers, and Chongqing is built on both sides of it. Chongqing has cable cars that take people across the Yangtze River. People also call them “sky buses.” Sitting in a Chongqing cable car, you can see the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. Besides the beautiful scenery, Chongqing’s cuisine is also very special. Chongqing hotpot is very famous. People put beef tallow and lots of chili in the hotpot, and then add meat, seafood, and vegetables. Chongqing hotpot’s food is very spicy but also very flavorful. If you like spicy food and aren’t afraid of it, you can consider coming to Chongqing for a visit and challenge yourself.

In your country, is there such an internet-famous city? What are they famous for? Feel free to leave us comments and messages!

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