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#13 What is Tomb-sweeping Day in China? 清明节在中国

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大家好! 很高兴又和你们见面了,我是莫莫老师。今天是MaoMi Chinese的第十三集-清明节在中国-What is Tomb-sweeping Day in China?

















Hello everyone! Very pleased to see you again. This is Teacher Momo. Today we have our 13th episode – What is Tomb-sweeping Day in China

Now it’s already April and Spring is already here. Do you have good weather in the place you live?

In April, there are lots of places getting very warm in China. Every year around 5th April, Chinese people would prepare for a festival – the Qingming festival (Tomb-sweeping Day).

What kind of festival is Qingming festival?

Every Qingming festival, all Chinese people and overseas Chinese will remember their ancestors and passed-away family members.

The Qingming festival is 2500 years old. A long time ago, Chinese emperors would worship their ancestors on that day. Then gradually, people started to do so.

Why do Chinese people worship their ancestors? Because most Chinese don’t believe in religion but we do believe that our ancestors and passed-away family members will protect us from another world.

So what do Chinese people do during the Qingming festival? We will go to sweep and clean the tombs.

We will go to the graveyard where we buried our ancestors and clean it. In many places, people also burn some paper money.(ghost money)

It is not real money. We burn them to our ancestors because we think that they will need to use money even in another world.

Sounds quote amusing and fun, doesn’t it? When I was little I liked the Qingming festival a lot, because I thought it was really fun to burn paper money.

My granddad (from my dad’s side) passed away before I was born. But I also believe that he is protecting me and watching me growing up even from another world.

Lastly, let’s have a look at the vocabulary we covered today!

Qīngmíng jiē. The date of Qingming festival is slightly different every year, but it’s always around 5th April.

jì niàn. We can say ‘to commemorate passed-away families’ and ‘commemorate our ancestors’. Qingming festival is a day to commemorate our ancestors.

Religion. There are lots of religions in the world, for example, Christian and Muslim. However, in China, most of Chinese people don’t believe in religion.

To protect. We can say that our ancestors are protecting us from another world. We can also say that it’s everyone’s responsibilities to protect children.

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