#127 Famous Chinese singer passed away with smiling depression 微笑抑郁症

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Recently, a very famous singer passed away. Her name was Wei Li, and she was a Chinese-American singer who sang many famous songs. She was considered the “Queen of Singing” in the hearts of many people. Wei Li loved to smile, and her smile was beautiful. People thought she was happy and strong, but no one could have imagined that she would take her own life due to depression.

In 1993, Wei Li won a singing competition and became a singer. She not only had a beautiful singing voice but was also a great dancer. She often smiled, which made her an idol for many people. Wei Li was a very hardworking person. Her left foot was naturally not good and often caused her pain, but she still practised dancing every day. She called herself a female warrior, and people thought she was strong and would never give up. However, this strong female warrior was lost to depression. People were shocked when they learned of her passing. Because she always seemed optimistic and often smiled, people couldn’t imagine that she had depression.

In fact, some people with depression always smile too. Although they may appear happy, they are not truly happy. They often feel sad, lonely, and helpless inside, but it’s hard for others to notice. If a person has smiling depression, they may experience symptoms such as constant fatigue because they have to pretend to be happy even when they’re not, frequent anxiety and nervousness, and sometimes wanting to be alone and not wanting to talk to or make friends with others because they don’t want to pretend to be happy anymore, feeling guilty and thinking they are not good enough, and so on.

Depression is like a black dog that can attack anyone; anyone can have depression. If you are suffering greatly because of depression, please seek help. Because you are precious, and you deserve a good life.

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