#125 Stay Humble and speak like a real Chinese 保持谦虚

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“你的中文真好! ”
“哪里哪里,你过奖了。我觉得我还需要继续努力呢! ”





Hello, everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

Sometimes I receive questions like this: What should I say when chatting with Chinese people to sound like a real Chinese person? I think what this friend is asking is: What should we say to make us sound like a true Chinese person? If you want to chat like a real Chinese person, then you can try to be humble. Today, let’s talk about why Chinese people like to stay humble and if there are any phrases to express our humility.

Why do Chinese people like to stay humble? This is related to Chinese tradition and culture. First, we want to show respect to others. If we are too arrogant, others would feel we are impolite and disrespectful. Second, staying humble can help us make friends better. If we stay humble, we won’t be envied by others, and we will have more friends and fewer enemies. Third, there’s a Chinese saying: Humility makes progress, arrogance leads to regression. Humble people like to listen to others’ advice and are more likely to make progress.

How do we express our humility when speaking Chinese? Firstly, we have some phrases to express humility. When someone compliments you, you can say these words. For example, “Where, where.” For example, “You’re too kind.” For example, “I’m embarrassed.” You can also say, “I still have a long way to go,” or “I still need to continue working hard,” or “This is the result of everyone’s efforts together.”

Let’s listen to some examples:

“Your Chinese is really good!”
“Oh, where, where, you’re too kind. I think I still need to continue working hard!”

“You did a great job this time!”
“Oh, you’re too kind. Actually, this is the result of everyone’s efforts. My colleagues helped me a lot.”

Of course, we don’t need to stay humble all the time. All the time means at any time, every hour, every minute. If you think what others say when complimenting you is true, you can also say “Thank you.” For example:

“Your Chinese is really good. Have you been studying for a long time?”
“Thank you! Your words make me happy too. I have been studying Chinese for a long time, almost five years.”

How about that? Now you know how to stay humble when speaking Chinese, right? What other topics would you like to hear? Feel free to leave us a comment!

9 thoughts on “#125 Stay Humble and speak like a real Chinese 保持谦虚”

  1. Hello! I’ve been enjoying your podcast lately and starting from the beginning to learn chinese. Honestly, I found it miles more helpful when you translated (within the podcast itself) some of the harder Chinese words into English when you said them in the podcast – like how you did in the first few episodes. Just giving a tip because I think many people likely feel this way too. Still, I’ve very much been enjoying learning from you as the pace is perfect. I’m very grateful to have amazing resources like the ones you provide.

    1. Molly - Maomi Chinese

      Hi Ann, thanks for the idea! I reduced English translation because I want to keep the coherency of the texts, but can surely do more explanation in future episodes. In the future I will grade every episode into different levels to feed more listeners’ needs. Thanks again for your very nice comment!

  2. Hi, Molly! I wanted to say huge thanks to you for this podcast! I really like the topics you choose and the way you explain things! 🙏 I learn so much thanks to you! ❤️

  3. 我认为每种语言都有表达谦卑的方式。我也认为过度民族主义不是谦卑的表现。(在我看来,中国非常民族主义。)

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