#120 Top saving tips shared by Chinese people 中国网友的存钱妙招

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很久以前,MaoMi Chinese和大家介绍过,一些中国年轻人已经不喜欢存钱了。(#41 Do Chinese young people still like saving money? 中国年轻人还爱存钱吗?https://maomichinese.com/podcast41/ )但是现在,奇怪的事情发生了。存钱,又变得流行起来了,网上的年轻人们都开始分享他们的省钱妙招。 妙招,意思是特别有用的方法,或者说好点子,好主意。


在中国的社交媒体上,很多人分享他们存钱的方法。有些人每个月能存百分之八十以上的收入,有些人每个月只花极少的钱。谁能存越多的钱,花越少的钱,谁就越让人佩服。甚至有人说:“存钱是真的会上瘾的! ”他们觉得,有了足够的存款,他们就有了安全感,因为哪怕没有了工作,他们还可以用存款生活很久。也有一些年轻人,存够了钱以后就辞职了,提早退休了。他们分享的经验,也被很多热衷于存钱的年轻人当作“圣经”。



Hello, welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

A long time ago, MaoMi Chinese introduced to you that some Chinese young people no longer like to save money. (#41 Do Chinese young people still like saving money? 中国年轻人还爱存钱吗?https://maomichinese.com/podcast41/) But now, something strange has happened. Saving money has become popular again, and young people online have started sharing their top saving tips. “Miaozhao” refers to particularly useful methods or good ideas.

Like many other countries in the world, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is uncertainty of China’s economy. Chinese people have always been very crisis conscious. In the eyes of many Chinese people, the best way to cope with risks is to save a lot of money and have sufficient savings. Previously, many young people didn’t think they needed to save money because earning money was quite easy. Now, young people also have a strong sense of crisis, and many of them are enthusiastic about saving money. “热衷于” means they enjoy doing something very much. Many young people are enthusiastic about saving money, meaning they enjoy saving money.

On Chinese social media, many people share their methods of saving money. Some people can save more than 80% of their income every month, while others spend very little each month. The more money you can save and the less money you spend, the more admirable you are. Some even say, “Saving money can really become addictive!” They feel that with sufficient savings, they have a sense of security because even if they lose their jobs, they can still live for a long time with their savings. Some young people have saved enough money and then quit their jobs or retired early. The experiences they share have also been regarded as “the Bible” by many young people who are enthusiastic about saving money.

So, what kind of top saving tips have they shared? First, when they receive their salaries every month, they immediately deposit a portion of the money into a savings account and make sure they won’t touch it in the future. Second, many of them are minimalists, meaning their lives are very simple, and they rarely buy things they don’t need. If they need to make a purchase, they will only buy practical items that can be used for a long time. Third, they rarely eat out and usually cook for themselves because cooking at home saves a lot of money and is healthier. Fourth, they don’t borrow money because they dislike pre-consumption. Fifth, and this is the most interesting one, many of them are unmarried and have no children because young people believe that once they get married and have children, they won’t be able to save money anymore. Sixth, some of them take on part-time jobs to have additional income, which means more savings. In summary, they save a lot of money through “increasing income and reducing expenses.” “Increasing income” here means raising income, and “reducing expenses” means cutting expenses.

Do you like to save money? What are your top saving tips? Feel free to leave us a message and share your thoughts!

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  1. 于存钱,我几年前开始遵循从一本书叫做‘The Barefoot Investor’的存款的原则。那本书给我一个好方式存一点钱。

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