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#12 “Eating soil” after a shopping spree-买买买后,要吃土了!

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大家好!我是你们的莫莫老师,今天是MaoMi Chinese的第十二集-买买买后,要吃土了!











  1. 买买买,意思是买很多东西,疯狂买东西。
  2. 购物节,购物的节日,买东西的节日,在中国,“双十一”购物节,“双十二”购物节,还有新年,圣诞节,情人节,都可以是买买买的节日。
  3. 打折,你可以说,打九折,打七折,打五折。
  4. 后悔,很多人买买买以后都会后悔。很多人买买买以后都会后悔,因为没有钱花了,很后悔。
  5. 工资,一些年轻人发工资以后就去买买买,工资花完了就会特别后悔。
  6. 夸张,中国网民经常用一些夸张的说法,比如“穷得要吃土了”,不是真的去吃地上的土,是因为没有钱买食物了,只能吃不用钱的土,这是夸张的说法。
  7. 吃土,意思是没有钱买食物了,只能去吃土。

Hello everyone! This is Teacher Momo. Today it’s episode 12 of MaoMi Chinese-“Eating soil” after a shopping spree.

Do you like shopping? If you do, then you will definitely be very happy to live in China because shopping in China is really convenient.

There are lots of young people like to do shopping, like to ‘买买买’.Sometimes they spend too much money in shopping and have no money left. In this case, they will say they will have to ‘eat soil’.

In China, there are many shopping festivals every year- ‘double 11’shopping festival, which means shopping festival on 11 November; ‘double 12’shopping festival, which means shopping festival on 12 December.

In shopping festival, Chinese New Year, Christmas and Valentines day, all the shops (and online shops) will offer great discount. People can’t help doing shopping spree and spending loads of money.

However, after spending all of their money people will regret, because they’ve spent all of their salary and had nothing left to buy other things. Therefore, they often say ‘I will have to eat soil’!

But it doesn’t mean they are really going to dig in the ground and get soil. This is an exaggerated saying of Chinese netizen. It means they are too poor to buy food and have to ‘eat soil’. You can say:

“Oh my! I spent all of my salary this month! Have to eat soil from now!”

If your friends asked you to eat out in restaurants but you don’t have enough money, you can say: “Can’t make it. I have been so poor recently and have to eat soil.”

Now do you know how to use ‘吃土’?

At last let’s have a look at today’s vocabulary.

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