#111 Get on the mysterious Orient Express in China! 来坐中国的东方快车吧!

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从3月15日开始,中国终于重新对游客开放了。你在计划去中国的旅行吗?MaoMi Chinese会介绍一些中国好玩的,好吃的,特别的地方。你喜欢坐火车旅行吗?今天,我们就来聊一聊K3/4火车,从中国的北京到俄罗斯的莫斯科,也经过蒙古。

这是一条美丽的铁路,它连接了中国的北京和俄罗斯的莫斯科。这是一条长达八千公里的旅程。北京到莫斯科的火车开始于 1959 年,它是连接中国和俄罗斯的第一条国际铁路,也是亚洲最长的国际铁路之一。有一部电影叫《囧妈》,这部电影的背景就是这条铁路。





Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

As of March 15th, China has finally reopened to tourists. Are you planning a trip to China? MaoMi Chinese will introduce some fun, delicious, and special places in China. Do you like traveling by train? Today, let’s talk about the K3/4 train, which travels from Beijing, China to Moscow, Russia, passing through Mongolia.

This is a beautiful railway that connects Beijing, China and Moscow, Russia. It is a journey of 8,000 kilometers long. The Beijing-Moscow train started in 1959. It was the first international railway between China and Russia and one of the longest international railways in Asia. There is a movie called ‘Lost in Russia’, and the background of this movie is this railway.

From Beijing to Moscow, it takes about 8 hours by plane, but almost a week by train. This train departs from Beijing every Wednesday and arrives in Moscow on Monday. Although it takes a long time to travel by train, you can see different beautiful scenery in these few days, such as Chinese cities, the grasslands of Mongolia, Russian forests and lakes, and so on.

How much is the ticket for this train? You have many options. If you want to sit in a hard sleeper, you need to pay about 3,800 yuan. If you want to sit in a soft sleeper, it will cost about 5,200 yuan. If you want to stay in a better compartment, you will need to pay about 6,000 yuan. This is the most expensive train ticket in China, but it is still very popular, and many people want to buy it but can’t get tickets. On the train, you can also enjoy various foods, such as Russian borscht, Russian dumplings, and Chinese sweet and sour fish and Beijing roast duck.

Finally, let’s hear some reviews from travelers. Some people think that although the journey on this railway is long, it is worth it because you can see the scenery of China, Mongolia, and Russia on the train. Some people also think that this is an unforgettable experience because they can meet travelers from different countries and learn about different cultures. Of course, some people also think that this journey is a bit tough because people cannot get off the train or take a shower during the six-day journey.

What is the most interesting train you have ever taken? Leave us a comment in the comment section!

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