#109 How can this town attract so many young people after they resigned? 为什么这个小城吸引了这么多辞职的年轻人?

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大理在中国的西南部。很久以前的大理,是一个独立的国家,叫“大理国”。这里的人们相信佛教。后来,大理成为了中国的一部分。大理的历史很复杂,所以这里也住着很多不同的民族。大理古城是以前的大理国的首都,但是现在的大理古城是一个非常热门的旅游城市。热门,意思是一个地方或者一个东西很受欢迎。 全国各地,甚至世界各地的人们来到这里观光,也有很多人来了一次以后就再也不想离开了,就决定在大理定居了。




If you are still working, have you ever thought about where to go after retirement? Would you go to a seaside town or a small town in the mountains? In Yunnan Province, Southwest China, there is an ancient town that has attracted many people. These people are all young, and they couldn’t wait for retirement and have already come here. Many of them had good jobs and could earn a lot of money in big cities, but they all “裸辞” . “裸辞” means resigning without finding the next job. Which small town is so popular among young people? This small town is called Dali. Today, let’s talk about the history of Dali, the life of people in Dali, and why so many young people resign and wander in Dali.

Dali is in the southwest of China. A long time ago, Dali was an independent country called “Dali Kingdom”. The people here believed in Buddhism. Later, Dali became a part of China. Dali’s history is very complicated, so there are also many different ethnic groups living together. The ancient city of Dali was the capital of the former Dali Kingdom, but the current ancient city of Dali is a very popular tourist city. Popular means a place or thing that is well-liked. People from all over the country and even the world come here for sightseeing. Many people decide to settle in Dali after visiting it once and never want to leave again.

Recently, a TV series called “Where the Wind Blows” has made Dali even more popular, and people also know why so many people want to retire in Dali. First of all, Dali has very beautiful scenery. Dali has mountains and water. Dali’s mountain is called Cangshan, and there is also a lake in Dali called Erhai Lake. Although Erhai Lake’s name has “sea”, it is an inland lake. Looking at the beautiful Cangshan and Erhai Lake, people’s mood will also be very good. Secondly, the air in Dali is very fresh, and the temperature and weather are also very comfortable. It’s not too cold or too hot, and it’s often sunny. Thirdly, the cost of living in Dali is very low, and renting a house and buying things are very cheap.

Some young people work in big cities and feel too much pressure and cannot find the meaning of life, so they come to Dali. Life in Dali is slow, and they have more time to do things they like. They like this “lying flat” life. “Lying flat” means living very relaxedly and not wanting to compete. A young man named Xiaoyan said that his biggest pleasure before was online shopping. Previously, he had to buy the latest phone every year, had many clothes, and had to throw away half of them every time he moved. But after moving to Dali, he hasn’t shopped online for two months because he feels life is already interesting, and he no longer needs shopping to be happy.

Many young people come to Dali, but there are also some young people who leave Dali. Some people feel that although life in Dali is comfortable, the income in Dali is very low, and it is difficult to make money. Some people also feel that after a long time of comfortable life, they cannot find a sense of value. If it were you, what kind of life would you choose? Welcome to share with everyone in the comments!

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  1. 上月我看过‘去有风的地方’。看过每一42集。一般来说这样的浪漫的喜剧不是我的口味。但是我刷剧了。结束后来我非常难过了。😂 In English the show was called “meet yourself”. Actually, we often talk of people going away somewhere to “find” themselves. I have been using the show to build my vocabulary and it seemed to be really good for showing real life daily conversation in Chinese. 这部节目让我想去云南旅游。但是有点儿‘蚊子’问题。讨厌的小虫子!

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