#105 Lost for 106 days and found dead when he was only 15

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Recently, there was really sad news in China. A 15-year-old student has been missing for 106 days. His name is Hu Xinyu. Later, his body was found. Hu Xinyu hanged himself. People are shocked. What exactly did he go through and why did such a middle school student who was supposed to be full of hope commit suicide? Today, let's talk about Hu Xinyu's story and the pressure on teenagers.

Hu Xinyu is a high school student in a school in Jiangxi Province, China. He was only fifteen years old. The school is a boarding school, and all the students live in the school and go to the classroom to study at night. On the afternoon of October 14, 2022, Hu Xinyu, who was supposed to go to the classroom to study, disappeared. His teachers, classmates and the principal searched everywhere in the school, but they couldn't find him. Some of his classmates said that they saw Hu Xinyu standing alone on the balcony of the dormitory for two minutes after five o'clock. The school's closed-circuit television captured Hu Xinyu leaving the dormitory building, but he was never recorded again, and no one saw him again.

The fifteen-year-old student disappeared. He didn't bring anything, only a recorder. In the following 106 days, his family, police and school searched many places but failed to find him. On January 28, 2023, a local resident went into the mountains to cut bamboo and saw Hu Xinyu's body. His body was hanging by his shoelaces, and he was also wearing his school uniform. After more than three months, Hu Xinyu was finally found. After a forensic examination, he committed suicide. The voice recorder on his body also has many recordings. One night before he disappeared, he said to the recorder: "It doesn't make sense anymore, it's almost 12AM, just wait a little longer and go to death. I can do it. I was a little lost today, and now I really want to die. This life is pointless." When he said these words, he must have been so desperate.

According to a survey, in China, about 100,000 teenagers commit suicide every year. Some are due to too much pressure from studying, and some are due to a bad relationship with family. The same goes for Hu Xinyu. Before he committed suicide, he felt a lot of pressure. He had no friends, and he was lonely. Because his parents were very busy with work, they did not have much time to communicate with him. In China, many students have to take the college entrance examination. Only with a good score in the college entrance examination can students go to a good university and find a good job in the future. However, some students didn't know the meaning of this, and they gradually went into depression, and some students even committed suicide.

In fact, Hu Xinyu could have been alive, and his tragedy could have never happened. I hope that after this tragedy, people can pay attention to the mental health of young people. These children could have a better future.

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