#104 Why millions of young people compete for a public sector job 为什么数百万年轻人想当公务员?

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以前,我和大家聊过“内卷”。( #62 Young Chinese people ‘lying flat’ to escape the ‘rat race’ : https://maomichinese.com/podcast62/ )内卷的意思是没有意义的,没有尽头的竞争。现在,人们又有了一句话:“内卷的尽头是考公”。考公,意思是参加公务员选拔的考试,通过的人可以在政府当公务员。公务员,意思是在公共部门工作的人。一方面,很多人躺平,不想内卷。但是另一方面,也有很多人内卷,考公务员,甚至有些人每一年都参加考试,这一次没有通过,明年继续考。这是为什么呢?今天我们一起来聊一聊吧。




Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

I have talked about “内卷Rat Race” before. (#62 Young Chinese people ‘lying flat’ to escape the ‘rat race’ ) 内卷Rat Race means meaningless and endless competition. Now, people have another saying, “The end of is Kaogong”. Kaogong means to participate in the civil servant selection examination, and those who pass can be civil servants in the government. A civil servant means a person who works in the public sector. On the one hand, many people ‘lie flat’ and don’t want to be in the rat race. On the other hand, there are also many people who get into rat race and take the civil service exam. Some even take the exam every year. If they fail this time and will continue to take the exam next year. Why? Let’s talk together today.

In recent years, being a civil servant has become more and more popular. “吃香” means that something is very popular and many people want it. Being a civil servant is becoming more and more 吃香. It means that being a civil servant is becoming more and more popular. Why? I think there are a few reasons. First of all, because of the covid-19 epidemic and the lockdown, many people have lost their jobs and many companies have closed down. At this time, people suddenly realized that civil servants are the most stable and safe jobs. 稳定 means that there will be no change. Although the wages of civil servants are not particularly high, their income is very stable, and people don’t have to worry about losing their jobs in the future. 失业, means out of work, without a job. In addition to having a stable income, working as a civil servant is relatively easy. Many young people work in the company. Although the salary is relatively high, they have to work overtime almost every day. Many civil servants can get off work on time every day, and there is very little over working. Therefore, more and more people yearn for such jobs. 向往 means looking forward to something. For example, we can say, “The weather in the UK is terrible, and I yearn to live in a country with good weather.”

How tough is the civil service exam? Sometimes, there are hundreds, or even thousands, of people competing for one job. Also because of this, if a person passes the civil service examination and becomes a civil servant, many people think it is a remarkable achievement. Many people take the civil service exam every year and don’t want to give up even if they fail. When some young people are looking for a partner, they also like to find civil servants as boyfriends or girlfriends, because they feel that the income of civil servants is very stable, and they feel safe with such people.

In my opinion, if more and more people in a society pursue a stable life, then the economy of this society may not be good temporarily, because it is already difficult for people to do other jobs or start a company to make money. What do you think? Leave us a comment!

5 thoughts on “#104 Why millions of young people compete for a public sector job 为什么数百万年轻人想当公务员?”

      1. 這是一個非常有趣的話題。 雖然有些人認為公務員的工作真的很無聊,但是你說得對,這是一份穩定的工作。 因為現在很多國家都有經濟問題,大家覺得開公司風險太大。 這是一個很棒的播客,谢謝你。🙂👍

  1. Apologies for the traditional Chinese – I thought it looked strange! Here is what I wanted to say 🙂:
    这是一个非常有趣的话题。 虽然有些人认为公务员工作很无聊,但是你说得对,这是一份稳定的工作。 因为现在很多国家都有经济问题,大家觉得开公司风险太大。 这是一个很棒的播客,谢谢你。

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