#103 Migration of 1.4 billion resumed 14亿人的春运重启

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to MaoMi Chinese!

Did you hear that? Where do you think this sound is from? Maybe you will say that it is the sound of the train station.

By the time you hear this episode, it should be Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year is also called Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year. This is the most important festival for all Chinese, and it is also a festival for many Asian countries. During the 15-day Spring Festival, no matter where we are, we will return to the place where our family is and spend the New Year with them. In the past three years, because of covid-19 epidemic, Chinese people have had many restrictions. Therefore, in the past three Spring Festivals, many people were not able to go home to celebrate. Now China has finally reopened, and people are free to go home for the New Year. Every time before and after the Spring Festival, 1.4 billion Chinese people will take various means of transportation to return to their hometowns. This is also called Spring Festival Migration. Three years later, the Spring Festival Migration for 1.4 billion people finally restarted. What will it be like? Will it be harder or easier for people to get home? Let’s talk together.

The Spring Festival Migration may be the largest human migration in the world. To migrate means to move from one place to another, usually over a great distance. A few days before the Spring Festival, many people who work in big cities will return to their hometowns. Cities that are usually crowded with people will become empty during the Spring Festival. After the Spring Festival, these people will return to the city from their hometowns and continue to work.

This year’s Spring Festival travel is a very special one. Because of the sudden opening, many people got Covid-19. For the elderly, Covid-19 can be very dangerous. Therefore, the government encourages people to travel in a staggered way. 峰 means peak hours, when it’s the morning rush hour for going to work and the evening rush hour for getting off work, there are many cars on the roads in the city, and the traffic is particularly bad. Staggered peak means that people do not do the same thing at the same time, so that it will not be over crowded. Staggered traveling means that some people can travel earlier, and others can travel later. We can also say staggered opening to refer to a school, which means that some students can arrive at school earlier, and some students can arrive later.

In addition to staggered traveling, some people also think that we should visit relatives less and stay at home more this year. 走亲戚 means to visit relatives. 亲戚, meaning relatives, such as our grandparents(dad’s side), grandparents(mum’s side), uncles and aunts, etc. Because it is very easy to get Covid-19 now, some people who have not yet got it don’t want to get sick.

Anyway, Chinese New Year means that spring is coming soon. The winter of the Covid-19 epidemic is about to pass, and our future will definitely be a warm spring. I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year. I hope you have a happy life every day, and I hope you have a life you like, and be with the people you like.

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