Louie the cat

#1 Louie the Cat

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故事的最后,六一有了一个温暖的家。他最喜欢睡觉,吃饭,和晒太阳。我们希望六一能和我们永远在一起,但是我们知道也许不能。因此,六一成为了MaoMi Chinese的吉祥物,和我们一起创造更多美好的记忆。

希望你会喜欢六一和MaoMi Chinese的陪伴。在学中文和探索世界的路上,我们会和你在一起。
Liuyi, whose English name is Louie, is 4 years old this year. The first time we met Liuyi was in the Christmas of 2018. He was originally our neighbour's cat , but the neighbour had a dog and Liuyi didn’t like dogs. Also, they didn’t give Liuyi enough food, so he started to scrounge for meals from around the neighbourhood.

In the beginning, he would stay only outside of our gate and left when he finished his meal. Later on, he stayed longer and longer and gradually started to stay over at night. He eventually completely became "our cat". When we moved home, we asked the neighbour if they would let Liuyi stay with us. The neighbour said yes because they didn’t want him. (So harsh! But we would look after Liuyi well!)

In the end, Liuyi has a warm home. He likes sleeping, eating meals and sunbathing. We hope that Liuyi will be able to be with us forever, but we know that it may not be possible. Liuyi therefore became the mascot of MaoMi Chinese, and will be with us together to create more wonderful memories.

We hope you will like the company of Liuyi and MaoMi Chinese. We will be with you along the journey to learn Chinese and explore the world!

Podcast Vocabulary

猫咪 māomi  kitty

第一次 dì yī cì  the first time; 第+number+次, the…time

圣诞节 sheng dàn jié  Christmas

原来 yuán lái  original, originally

邻居 lín jū  neighbour

足够的 zú gòu de  enough

附近 fù jìn  nearby

蹭饭 cèng fàn  bum food off, ask for free meals

开始 kāi shǐ  begin, start

……的时候 de shí hòu  when…

待 dāi  to stay (in a place)

渐渐地 jiàn jiàn de  gradually

过夜 guò yè  stay over night

完全 wán quán  completely, totally

和……一起 hé……yì qǐ  be with…

无情 wú qíng  ruthless, ruthlessly

无情 wú qíng  ruthless, ruthlessly

照顾 zhào gù  look after, take care of

故事 gù shì  story

最后 zuì hòu  the end

温暖的 wēn nuǎn de  warm, warming

晒太阳 shài tài yang  to sunbath

永远 yǒng yuǎn  forever

也许 yě xǔ  may, maybe

吉祥物 jí xiáng wù  mascot

创造 chuàng zào  to create

更+adj gèng  more…

美好的 měi hǎo de  beautiful, wonderful

记忆 jì yì  memory

陪伴 péi bàn  company, to accompany

探索 tàn suǒ  to explore

世界 shì jiè  world

4 thoughts on “#1 Louie the Cat”

  1. Hello Molly!

    Thank you for dedicating so much time and effort into this podcast and translation! I’m learning Chinese to learn more about Chinese culture and to become closer with my girlfriend’s family and your Podcast and Anki Deck are helping me immensely. I will continue to listen, read and re-listen all of your episodes to improve my Chinese understanding!

    Thank you for helping people like me.

    P.S Me and my girlfriend also love cats and we love Louie and your logo!

    1. Hi Max! thank you so much for your very nice comment and that really makes my day. I am so happy that you found MaoMi Chinese helpful. I am so motivated to keep making good contents for Chinese learners because of that.
      Happy that you like Louie too haha. Will pass all of your compliment to him and give him some extra biscuits! 😆

  2. Hi, Molly!

    I had already listened to your podcasts for a while and because of college I distanced myself from Chinese a little bit, but now I will go back for sure.

    The satisfaction of still being able to hear and read this story is great. Your work is very good and I’m sure it helps a lot of people to learn in a light and fun way.

    Greetings from Brazil 🙂

    1. Hi Sara,

      Thank you so much for this! I appreciate it a lot. It’s always so nice to hear feedback from learners around the world, which really motivates me a lot to keep going! I am so glad that you found it helpful!

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